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    Final Form

    Yes, an advanced Sora/ Donald/ Goofy fusing.
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    the battle with the load of heartless

    Sounds awesome. I can't wait!!!!!!!
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    Should I....

    Ya, if you understand everything, great. If not, it might be nice to understand what you need to do, what's going on, and what's happening. So no. Again, if you can, then do it. If not, don't. Simple as that.
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    How many of you like the TV show 24? Another season is in January. It's awesome. Who agrees and disagrees?
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    Poll: How many of you have resisted the spoilers???

    I hate spoilers, so I haven't watched a thing or read any spoilers; I am actually using self control!!!!! Don't wanna ruin the game I've been waiting for for three years now........
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    After you get the game.

    Yes, I will; why not? You've already beaten it.
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    Do you believe in ghosts/ poltergeists/ earth-bound spirits and entities?
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    The KH2 game

    Everyone who has played it says it's good ( those who ordered from Japan ). It has yet to be released elsewhere besides Japan. Yes, it's on the PS2.
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    question about kh2

    Ya, that 'swirly thing' might be the new save point, or it might be the same as in KH1, which I doubt. Either way, it'll be just as easy [hopefully].
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    new square party?

    I guess the announcement would be at another game show, but I'm not sure if there are any between now and March. They might be annoucing randomly or from a conference, but no, they don't have another SE party.
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    whos coming back

    I made a thread about this just 2 hours ago. Go to that, entitled 'Are you going to come on? http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=36163
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    Do you think...

    Well, there have been many tentative dates set, and then pushed back, so it could be considered a delay, but technically it's not, it's only changing a tentative date. You are correct, .:KL:.
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    play kh1 and gom again

    I'm gonna wait till KH2; I've had my fill of KH1, and it's not as exciting when I know what'll happen and when I've seen everything. I haven't played CoM; I don't have a GBA and I hate the small screen and the card-based combat.
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    When we will find out the release date.

    WE DON'T KNOW. SE said the US version should hit shelves sometime in March, but for a sure release date it'll probably be released at a SE press conference or meeting or something. Or it'll be announced randomly. Maybe there is another gameshow before March... if so, maybe then.
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    Do you think...

    I think it'll be in March like they said; I can't possibly think of ANYTHING else they could delay the game for. To my knowledge, SE is working on voice acting. Europe, Australia, NZ, and other countries: probably summer or fall, hopefully.
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    Boy of mysterys ability

    Hmmm..... perhaps...... that might be true, since he can't kill anything, but we won't know unless we see him killing heartless or something. If he can't, then your theory is 100% correct, but if he can only not harm the org and other people, then...... I dunno. Something's outta wack.
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    KH2 intro?

    Of course it'll be good; SE always tries hard, and with 4-5 mins of movie, it should be great.
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    Are you going to come on?

    After December 22, will you keep going to the KH2 forums of this site ( and others ) due to spoilers? Do you not want to ruin the game or do you NEED the spoilers? I'm going to TRY and stay off. Sorry if this is in the wrong section or if I'm not supposed to post a thread like this; if so...
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    KH2 better then the first game?

    Fo sho; it'll be deeper, more complicated, and, of course, most importantly, MORE VIOLENT!!!!!
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    Couple of Ideas (

    Narnia would be awesome....... you have some good questions/ comments there.