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  1. Color Me Evil

    Evil's back - tell a friend

    does anybody even remember me? lol
  2. Color Me Evil

    for those who remember me...

    guess who's back, back again. Evil's back, tell a friend.
  3. Color Me Evil

    What are/were you eating?

    if there is one thing in this life that i love, it is food. let us talk about the things we have just consumed. nutrition. the day i move out can't come soon enough, so i've been starting to learn some basic recipes that I can just throw together. for lunch i just had some bruschetta with a...
  4. Color Me Evil

    KHInsider Graphics Update: June 2013

    <p>The KHInsider Site Staff is happy to announce we have a Graphics Update for the month of June! The team was giddy with excitement over the release of the <a href="http://khinsider.com/news/Kingdom-Hearts-3-HD-Trailer-3325">announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3</a>, and the Graphics Team...
  5. Color Me Evil


    always wanted to use this stock edit: v2
  6. Color Me Evil

    i feel old

    am i old?
  7. Color Me Evil

    Community Member Graphics Submissions #1

    <p>Some of you may have seen the <strong><a href="http://forums.khinsider.com/digital-media/174005-khinsider-com-media-call-submissions.html">Call for Submissions</a></strong> thread in our <strong><a href="http://forums.khinsider.com/digital-media/">Digital Media Forum</a></strong> asking for...
  8. Color Me Evil

    KHInsider Graphics Update: April 2013

    <p>As some of you may remember in the past, the site staff would continuously update you on when graphics were added to the site, including avatars, signatures, and various sized wallpapers for you all to download and use. Well, we want to bring that back so you all can see and use the Graphic...
  9. Color Me Evil

    KHInsider.com Media: Call for Submissions

    hey digital media! I'm sure you all know who I am and I'm also sure you all saw the KHI satisfaction survey going around. well, as a staff, we reviewed the results and we paid some attention to what the members want out of graphics from the main site. we were pleasantly surprised to hear that...
  10. Color Me Evil

    How often do you replay them?

    so I'm a sucker for nostalgia. at the beginning of last year, my friend and I replayed FFX at school together and I just started another new game in FFX this year with a different friend because we were both so in love with the games. in talking with the second friend, I found he never played...
  11. Color Me Evil

    call me crazy but at least you're callin'

    the more I looked at it the more I wanted to change all of it so I just stopped working on it
  12. Color Me Evil

    thnks fr th mmrs

    yeah fall out boy happened. judge me
  13. Color Me Evil

    our queen has met her doom

    HfyWQ2AEBic Kid A's "only listen to one song then make a tag" thing
  14. Color Me Evil

    I'm running the Boston Marathon and I need your help!

    hello, everyone! for those of you who have no clue who I am, I've been a graphic designer on the site staff for almost ever - basically since it started about 5 years ago! I usually keep to myself (it's not you, it's me) but I hang out in Digital Media! a brief backstory of me: I'm a senior in...
  15. Color Me Evil

    Handicap Battles!

    Handicap Battles! 2K12! back by popular demand! get your game face on! HB! is a battle royal designed to make you put your thinking cap on and stretch you to your limits. this isn't supposed to be easy! but it's supposed to make you better. I've seen some insane tags come outta this thing, so...
  16. Color Me Evil

    but doctor... I am pagliacci

    good joke everybody laugh v2:
  17. Color Me Evil

    I'm waking up to ash and dust

    sprite tags are my jam edit: v2 and v3
  18. Color Me Evil

    I feel it in my bones

    request without the text because I prefer it that way edit: and then I did pablo's trademark just to anger him
  19. Color Me Evil

    Help/Support ► I have a problem. What to do?

    I'm not usually one to comment on these types of threads but I do the same thing and this one mantra has helped a lot: don't spend your time trying to get people to be interested in you. spend your time being interested in other people. the friendships will be more genuine and you'll be able to...
  20. Color Me Evil

    Handicap Battles!: Revival

    AWW YISS for those of you unfamiliar with HB!, here is the old thread that I will very likely copy pasta from if the time comes: oh yeah so, that being said, how many of you guys would be down for this? we would obviously wait for the current tourny to be done before we got rolling on this, so...