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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    i dont think anyone will "die" but more like dissapeared or something strange has happened to there body like being sealed away buy someone or something, cos its seems more KH i dont see any of them dying imo
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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    i havnt followed much on the info on BBS but i rekon it be cool if terra was sealed in the darkness and ven was sealed in the light and aqua was sealed in between both light and dark, idk just something random (highly unlikely i know) but yeah be cool....yeah ill shutup now
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    why was terra watching sora and riku?

    hey during that "leaked" BBS trailer a scene is shown where terra is looking out to the ocean and then looks at sora and riku, sparring on the beach with there ol school wooden swords. my only theory i have for this is that maybe terra wanted to see sora (or riku) one last time before he went...
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    A very strange voice in the BBS Trailer

    hey is the voice of ven or whatever his name is, done by the person who did roxas in KH2 (japenese voice) i wonder cos if it is....lol
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    i dont think he will be in it cos i think there tyring to more concentrate on the kingdom hearts characters this time and less on disney and square characters
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    Leon in BBS?

    lol i dont see how people think that the FF characters in KH are related to the real ones in FF i mean how else would aerith be there cos i mean *cough* she died in FF7 lol, and squalls last name wasnt leonheart it was lionheart in the FF8 game right (like his last weapon in the game, just...
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    ( NEW?) Tifa Artwork

    i dont think its an official pic, it looks fan drawn a very well done pic though, i only reason why i dont thinks its official is the colour looks to rough and the outlining looks to thick
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    KH2´s disturbing ending?

    well it for kids dont forget so all the hugging stuff is not meant to signfy that there gay or anything its just when a friends in need you'll help him or her you should understand what it means before saying oh that looks gay or anything like that grow up...
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    Mystery Girl ≠ Aqua

    well is there any real evidence that the girls name is aqua...?
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    Have anyone seen this?

    yah i haver to agree it is really well put together alomst like the real thing
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    how can riku see roxas and namine'

    near the end of the game where kairi, namine', roxas and sora are toegther u see riku in the backround and he is looking at roxas and namine' like if can see the. becuase i though only sora and kairi could see them my question is if he can see them how can he and why cant donald goofy and...
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    whats does sora mean when he says...

    when ur in yen sids tower after you become sora he says, with me you guys riku and the king...with the five of us...six of us..etc etc why did he say six of us when he only mentioned five people i never quite got that was he talkn about roxas or what?
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    Roxas/Ven's clothes! significance?

    lol wouldnt it be funny if the roxas that was in KH2 was actually ven but noone knew it and the real roxas is still out there somewhere lol
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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    yeah i mean if it come out in japan and america and not here im gonna be pissed
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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    i hope it comes out in australia cos i realy want to play it on a hrader difficulty
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    Jump Festa 2007 Info for KH2

    i hope is some area were you can fight with any FF charcter agauinst any other ones
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    green drive form

    i dont think it will be grenn but if it is i think it will be able to duel mickeys keybalde as well and you like really powerful and acrobatic like mickey
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    out of 10 how good was kh2

    i give it a 9 cos its a great game to just pick up and play
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    Leons letter?

    you know at the credits how they have those little cutscenes from all the worlds. well in one of them there is leon (squall) reading a letter and a pink butterfly flys up out of it? what does it mean and who sent it to him
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    Fav part in KH2

    i juts wont to know what was your favourite part in the game...... i was going to say mine but i dont know how to do spoilers boxes in :P