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    at first i thought it was Roxas and Riku but then when i played the game again and saw that part again Xenmas but then again how could have Xenmas just seen Sora so now i think it was Riku but i might b wrong
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    About Setzer

    setzer may look gay but his voice is super smexy #1, cause its CRISPIN FREEMAN!!!
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    Where did you first go into "Final" mode?

    i got when i was fighting xenmas the 2nd time, so geuss wat! it didnt save >.<!!now i cant seem to get it again
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    sanctuary Question

    im not sure there is even going to be a soundtrack for the english version cause they would have announced somewhere they only have the soundtrack with passion so ur best bet is dowloading sanctuary
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    i beg to differ^, the dalmation were A LOT easier than jiminy's journal cause i there seems to be more stuff than 33 chests of puppies
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    Your fastest completion time?

    i beat proud mode level in 24 hrs with the cutscenes, and i beat again in proud mode in 11hrs without the cutscenes
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    Singing in Atlantica

    you no i've had "swim this way " in my head 4 the longest time, its like i start singing a song and somehow in always ends with "swim this way we''ll dance and we'll play now, it very easy come on in, just take a chance and shake a fin" im starting to get annoyed by myself
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    Final Form?

    i got it when i was fighting with xenmas in the 2nd battle so it didnt save >.<, so im trying to get it again
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    by beating all the worlds - proud mode filling jiminy's journal and beating all the worlds - standerd mode u cant get it - beginer mode
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    Funniest thing happened to me!

    maybe the reson mickey is constantly coming out to fight is that he want to see Xaldin so much! lol
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    Funniest thing happened to me!

    that happend to me too!!!it was ecacty 3 times in a row and it was starting to get freaked out, but i did beat him on the 3rd time, but that was the only time mickey came out to after i died on all my other fight when i would die.....i would die
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    Riku pics from kingdom hearts 2

    well if u want artwork then u might not like wat im going show u... http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j167/khcrazy213/?action=view&current=smexyrikumix.jpg
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    is jiminy psychic?!

    i mean they dont name everybody in the game and yet jiminy seem to no everybody name cause as soon as u see a new person there name is the journal! like with yuna, rikku, and pain they nvr said there name out loud and yet in the journal there names were already ther!(and i really wanted them to...
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    i beat it today but it was as like at 1:00am so i sorta beat it yesterday, i just beat sephy today and now im just perfecting the game for kicks
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    speeding worlds

    u return bak to all the worlds, making it longer and the only way its 80 hrs or more is if u try to complete jiminiey's journal
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    What Level are you on?

    well on the standerd mode im on level 9 i think, then i got bored of it cause it was tos easy so i started a poud mode level and im at level 31
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    How Far?

    im on proud mode and im in the middle of tron wrold
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    im at shcool to but this is only time i can be on the comp, cause its a computer class but im getting the game today and going to skip tomorrow
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~?

    we should get it soon, cause some crazy people who play the game non stop andbeat the game in 2 days would upload it on youtube or somthing
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    KH2 Commercial on Cartoon Network

    yep its showing it on all those channal's except disney, werid