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  1. Infinite Complex

    How long is Kingdom Hearts 2?

    well, this gets confusing. im sure each world has a different time zone, and things like that...so, it depends on the world, i guess.
  2. Infinite Complex


    Ska is, quite possibly, one of the most underrated genres around. There have been three waves of it, each with slight differences from the last. The best way to describe it is this:Think standard rock setup(guitar, bass, drums, vocals), and add trombone, trumpet, and Alto, Tenor, and Bari sax...
  3. Infinite Complex

    Inner Demons(The real RP. Finally, after 3 months!)

    Shay walked down the street, surveying the scene before him. People were spread out all around him, walking and leisurely going about their business. It would have been perfectly normal, if Shay wasn't there. Shay had Rensho to deal with. He doubted anyone else in this crowd was chosen. A bit...
  4. Infinite Complex

    Inner Demons(sign Ups)

    INNER DEMONS Everyone has something to contend with... Things that pry themselves from the inside... Things that we wish we didn't have... Things that can kill..... Plot Everyone has their own inner demons to deal with. Something that has haunted them since they were children. The traditional...
  5. Infinite Complex

    The New Project X Fanclub

    And now I present.....The Project X Fanclub!!!! Now although most of you don't know him anymore(he's been inactive for quite a while due to technical issues), This guy is one of my best freind in real life. He deserves a fanclub because he's awesome.....most of the time......when he's not being...
  6. Infinite Complex

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    well the biggest WTF moments for me- playing as roxas(me:"who the hell is this?") dual weilding as roxas(a bit too powerful for the beginning) anti-form-at first, i thought it was awesome, and eventually i realized i died more in anti form and, finally-the three fairies. come on, they're arguing...
  7. Infinite Complex

    Sephiroth - Tips please?

    first off, i'd recomend being lvl 92. i'd also recomend equipping the guard ability, as this can block his sword. it's also good to have MP abilities(rage, haste), so you can keep using curaga. Aerorga is also a great thing to use. it cuts the damage down quite a biot. try this, and you'll beat him.
  8. Infinite Complex

    Herecy(The first fanfic of Infinite Mystery)

    A few notes: Please note, this is in no way meant to offend the catholic church in any way. This is simply from the point of view of someone about to be killed during the inquisition, a time when the church had become distrusted by some of the common people. Also, I decided I wouldn't need a...
  9. Infinite Complex

    The Pendragon fanclub

    They have a discussion for it, now im making an FC. This series rules, and deserves an FC. so, heres the FC. the soldiers of hallah(see what i did there?) Infinite Mystery MasterofShadow Organization_42 Zeagal Pheonix_Xion The Liberator SkullFucky
  10. Infinite Complex

    Pendragon: After the battle(SIGN UPS AND OOC)

    The battle's over It's happened. Bobby and the travelers have beaten Saint Dane. Some things Saint Dane said are still coming back to bobby. Were the traveler’s illusions? What was their true nature? As bobby thought about this, he was seen for the last time as a traveler. Hallah, seeing no more...
  11. Infinite Complex

    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    definately any of the organization battles, larxene and on. I use sleights A LOT, so with all their 0 cards it took me forever to beat them.
  12. Infinite Complex

    The war of the cryptids(SIGN UPS AND OOC)

    The earth in crisis The time is modern day. Something terrible has happened. The things most thought to be fictional or not real have appeared, and with a vengeance. They are mobilizing against the humans, ready to kill everything in their path. This has caused all of the races and the religions...
  13. Infinite Complex

    The next target:Earth(SIGN UPS, a kh/ff RP)

    EARTH:3070 The year is 3070. The earth has become technologically advanced, far beyond anything you can comprehend. The computers are so advanced, they never crash. Buildings are taller than ever, and people live happy, peaceful lives. There hasn't been mention of war for centuries, and as such...
  14. Infinite Complex

    Fanfiction ► Harassment

    this is the funniest fanfic ever.
  15. Infinite Complex

    A thought on the new blades in 358

    thats probably what will happen, but then again, knowing square, we'll have the same keyblades as sora did.
  16. Infinite Complex

    the thread for low brass players

    this is a place where trpmbones, baritones, tubas, etc. can talk about their awesome instruments.
  17. Infinite Complex

    The order of tetra(SIGN UPS)

    The order of Tetra The order of Tetra is organization whose true intentions remains unknown, but seems to require large amounts of numbers, as they recruit thousands to their armies every passing day. Their base lies in the ruins of an ancient temple in the desert, where they lure unsuspecting...
  18. Infinite Complex

    need some video game recomendations...

    well, its christmas, and i have a lot of money, and im tired of playing square games. i want something new to play, something epic, that dosn't involve ordering off the internet(i saw an add for valkyrie profile in the back of an instruction booklet, and it looks really fun).
  19. Infinite Complex

    Why is Saix second in command and not Xigbar?

    it's all about trust. saix was a bit more trustworthy than Xigbar. i mean, his name "the free shooter" might say some thing. the "free" in his name makes him seem like the kinda guy whos not around a lot(on missions, or just chillen'). im pretty sure saix was always trustowrthy, and after...