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  1. DiceKiller

    Ehh, let me be weird for a moment...

    So I'm doing this again for the same reason as last year, just because it's not very often you get to make a thread about your birthday. However, I really want to capitalize on this opportunity by putting more feeling into this, so bare with me for a bit ^^; I want to thank each and every...
  2. DiceKiller

    Flaming flame‎ had a valid point...

    But seriously, "Cool Story Bro" joke? Clearly not the hero we need
  3. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Will I get sick???

    Don't let yourself get too stressed over this. Stress obviously isn't good for you, but it can make you more susceptible to catching an illness. Though, it's always kinda funny when people try their hardest not to get sick and end up getting sick anyways~
  4. DiceKiller

    Shimomura and Hashimoto to be at Japan Expo!

    Ugghhh, Yoko why can't you visit closer? T-T
  5. DiceKiller

    KH3D & You: Desired Additions

    I'm still waiting on that music theater option to be made for a Kingdom Hearts game =_=
  6. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Crazy or just mundane?

    Well it's definitely good that you wanted to get this out. This does seem like a call for help, even if you won't admit it directly. It seems like you're already trying to convince yourself that you can't change as the result of the rut you're in right now. You've already made a habit of what...
  7. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Prom.

    Can't give you advice on prom since I didn't go myself ^^; Anyway, I wanna guess that the girl you like is shy. Not sure why, whenever I hear nice and innocent, I instantly think shy. I'm sure that's not always the case, so feel free to correct me. If she is shy, she is probably going going to...
  8. DiceKiller

    Sports ► NFL 2012-13 Season

    Gonna be an interesting season this year, with Peyton Manning going to the Bronco's, not knowing where Tebow is gonna end up, whether the Redskin's paying out the ass for all their new players is gonna pay off (probably not), maybe seeing some more stupid shenanigans from Goodell , etc. Anyway...
  9. DiceKiller

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    kyaaaaaa~ It's up??!! Hurry up and download internet.
  10. DiceKiller

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Re: [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! Really ecstatic with the trailer impressions. Can't wait~
  11. DiceKiller

    New Gameplay Footage - Notre Dame World & Mini-Boss Fight

    Re: New (much clearer) gameplay from Gamespot Ah, this is pretty awesome. Thanks man.
  12. DiceKiller

    i like that one subaru commercial

    2qf8OGLqE1s It's like she looks at me through the tv at 0:20 (*^_^*) No one is allowed to watch this commercial again.
  13. DiceKiller

    I wasn't going to do this, but...

    I guess I couldn't pass up a once-a-year chance to do something, even if it is something frivolous like making this thread. That's why I'm not really any expecting any replies, so... Happy Birthday to me~
  14. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Memory Master: The Story of How I Got Justice

    Re: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty The media was definitely not a monster. The news networks I watched for coverage of the case (CNN, HLN, whatever that coverage was on truTV) did their best to avoid telling their viewers that Casey was 100% guilty. They even had lawyers who were against the...
  15. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Memory Master: The Story of How I Got Justice

    Re: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Feel free to point out the mistakes, instead of saying something general like this out of the fear of possibly being wrong yourself.
  16. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Memory Master: The Story of How I Got Justice

    Re: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Well duh. How can people feel bad about something they have absolutely no knowledge about? A lot of people are so upset with this because they've been given easy access to plenty of information about Caylee. Unless you expect people to somehow feel bad about...
  17. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Memory Master: The Story of How I Got Justice

    Re: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Mason annoyed me with what he said about the media and lawyers talking about the case. It's not like they were that biased (or at least from what I've seen). They tried to avoid giving everyone a pro-prosecution feeling, but the only way that would have...
  18. DiceKiller

    So has anyone bought a PSP...

    I might have if I had never gotten my old one that I ended up breaking, so I had to settle with borrowing my friend's PSP and game.
  19. DiceKiller

    Help/Support ► Why is my Mom doing this constantly?

    You should tell her this. Turn the tables and make her feel awkward .
  20. DiceKiller

    Birth by Sleep Wins Best Portable Console Game Award!

    Congrats Birth by Sleep. It's nice to see the game doing well. Thanks for the find.