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    Help/Support ► Stalker Problem Please Help

    If it becomes a serious matter, tell someone in authority (Not the Cops. FCK them). Tell one of the teachers at school. If that doesnt work, offend her and crush her heart by saying shit 'bout her. Yes, its a bit rough but it might just work...
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    Best keyblade

    I Love the Oblivion...Its hectic
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    Help/Support ► Suicide

    If you commit suicide, think of the pain your inflicting on your friends, family and even the entire community. Dont do it.
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    Help/Support ► Do you get teased?

    No, I dont get teased...Not to my face anyway and I dont think anyone would ever want to do that...lol My school is very multi-cultural so the majority of the people who are have an asian background like Anime and KH etc. Thats how its in my school anyway.
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Well...I wonder what 7 could mean...
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    Help/Support ► lifestyle help?

    If he doesnt include you in his plans then you should dump him...And you should also hang out with your friends more too....
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    Help/Support ► Oh, my.

    Since your 75% sure that she digs you, its a good idea to ask her out...Before its too late...
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    Help/Support ► So there is this guy...

    Well, does he pay more attention to you over the other girls...If so, then its a good idea to ask him out...
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    Wait a sec...

    Well he would have to be one of the charcaters now in the story or atleast be somehow linked...My guess is Xehanort
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    New Symbol

    Maybe its the symbol that represnt his order or class like mentioned already...It looks similar to the Heartless one
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Im looking forward to playing teh game becuase of the story line...You get to find out more about the XIII order which is good...Im glad they are not left out
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    The Organisation used Sora as a puppet so he can do all their bidding...They unleased countless creatures that Sora could kill and yet in the end, they would of disposed of Sora...Sora had to destroy the Organisation.
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    The name "Xehonart" theory

    Well, atleast your theory differs alot from other peoples theory...I dont think so that Xehanort would be a rank...Its just doesnt fit IMO. Xehanort is one of Ansem's disciples name and i doubt that Xehanort was a Commander or Major in the army.
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    Help/Support ► attempting to move forward

    Sorry to hear that... Well atleast you dont have her. I would have rather got rid off someone who was probably going to get tempted and go with another boy than to go out with that person who could have ditched me...
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    This thread is ridiculous...just goes to show you how easily people get frustated and angry at a bunch of people posting about the release of FM out of Japan...Especially people who have just joined the forums and have had barely a week here.. But yeah, youve got a point...I agree with...
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    Help/Support ► Being Bullied

    I think he is jealous of you... I know how you feel...I have had some of my mates do that to me when ive outshoned them at sporst or at academics... Its really annoying and you wish it could stop...Well, the best way to go about it is to ignore them big time...like just pretending they dont...
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    Help/Support ► I wanted to ask you guys about something.

    Shes not a very good friend then if she forgets about you...Say no to drugs, what ever you do...Hope everything works out for you...
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    Nope, dont have it...i really dont care though...
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    Help/Support ► My Lastest Boy Confusion...HELP please?

    They are probably shy or dont want to near you because they fear they will mess up or embarrass themselves...
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    Help/Support ► Homeschooling to Public School

    Well, i got to a private school which is one the top sporting and academic schools in NSW...do your work in periods of time...like i mean, on weekdays you might do 4 hours while on wekends you do 2 hours