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  1. Relix

    Your favourite original Org. XIII member? (besides Axel, Roxas and the one we don't remember)

    I always liked Marluxia and Larxene as a duo when playing CoM way back when. And later learning more about the Organization they were really just those two newbies that hated the old people and wanted to do their own thing. Plus I feel Marluxia made for an alright villain while not being...
  2. Relix

    Why Didn't Kairi take the Exam?

    That seems to be the only thing lacking at least from where I'm standing. They've given Riku and Sora these journeys and arcs for us to see and work through and the Mark of Mastery was like "great, now let's officially evaluate your aptitude thus far" where as Kairi doesn't have a journey or an...
  3. Relix

    Why Didn't Kairi take the Exam?

    It would have been cool to have a Reverse Rebirth-esque kinda thing for Kairi in DDD. Sora and Riku have been given so much focus and development respectively and I think having that opportunity for Kairi would have been great, honestly I couldn't care less for Riku after the stunts he pulled in...
  4. Relix

    Why Didn't Kairi take the Exam?

    I mean I get that people want Kairi to do more cuz she's the only one in her trio who hasn't "put in work." I'm pretty sure her body count is 1. But in all seriousness, taking her character seriously and writing a compelling enough character arc of her own not revolving around Sora or Riku is...
  5. Relix

    Why Didn't Kairi take the Exam?

    If we're accepting the fact or at least coming to the conclusion that the keyblade Riku handed to Kairi is now forever in her possession, it raises two interesting points: Point 1: That Kairi is in possession of a keyblade that was not originally hers or was given to her by someone else. This...
  6. Relix

    Why Didn't Kairi take the Exam?

    Correct me if I'm wrong here cuz it's been awhile: The Keyblade Ceremony only qualifies you to wield a keyblade and not necessarily grants you one of your own, right? Take Riku for example, the Keyblade ceremony that Terra performed on Riku happened when he was a child but a keyblade of his own...
  7. Relix

    A "What if" idea about Xion

    I definitely realize Roxas and Xion's relationship would have suffered but I feel a relationship built on natural enemies at first but then turning into a mutual respect and possibly blossoming into a Montague and Capulet style meeting behind their "family's" back, no romantic undertones...
  8. Relix

    A "What if" idea about Xion

    Firstly, hey everyone, don't know how well received this thread will be for a multitude of reasons what with it being a "what if" scenario piece, being about Xion, heavily leaning on hypothetical whimsies, being about Xion. Anyways. I've had this idea ever since KH1.5 came out and honestly I...
  9. Relix

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 discussion

    I wasn't going to go through 30 pages of lengthy but definitely intricate and in-depth reactions to 0.2 but I just wanted to share my own thoughts on the experience.
  10. Relix

    TV ► Hulu vs Netflix

    This isn't exactly a clash of the titans as the title suggests but rather a question of whether you have one or the other (or perhaps both). Very click-bait-y I know. I've been a customer of Netflix for about 5 years now I believe and I've always enjoyed their service and selection but recently...
  11. Relix

    Who do you think is the traitor in X Back Cover?

    I don't know much about the masters and what's been going on in X but for those who do can you tell me if it is a possibility that this "traitor" business isn't just some insidious ploy to make those who would otherwise be united turn on each other
  12. Relix

    Aqua Chose Sora Theory

    The way I see it, if Riku hadn't been chosen by Terra, Aqua probably would have chosen Sora. Though I do believe she would have had a longer time choosing or would have weighed on the decision a lot more than Terra did. If anything I feel Aqua really identified with Sora or finds him as a...
  13. Relix

    What do you think Aqua will do in this game?

    If anything this game already has justify Mickey knowing of Aqua's whereabouts so at the very least we'll have to run into the King I imagine. Will she be saved by the end of the episode? Yes and no. My theory is that maybe we don't see Aqua joining them on purpose. I know a lot of people...
  14. Relix

    Do you believe in evil?

    Just as the title entails I want to have a civil discussion on the concept of evil and if it is something that is, just that, a concept or perhaps an actual working force in this universe or a product of human understanding towards those who act against the common notion of "good" or however way...
  15. Relix

    Help/Support ► Advise about switching majors from IT to History

    I recently graduated with a BS in CIS and am currently working in the IT industry. I can definitely vouch in saying that the industry is in more need of women and I have witnessed plenty of corporate environments meeting that need. If you want a career in IT you can definitely do it. As you know...
  16. Relix

    Help/Support ► Social skills hindered by technology?

    I spend an extended amount of time speaking electronically whether it is through text, email, IM, forums, what have you. The current job I have requires that I speak to people on a regular basis and when its strictly business I can say what I need to say just fine. But if its non-IT related and...
  17. Relix

    Help/Support ► Dating Advice

    It's best not to fret about looking for that "perfect" match, most likely scenario is that they won't have everything in common with you and may even have several different tastes. Beautiful thing about relationships that you get to know more about someone and learn new things about them and the...
  18. Relix

    Whats the deal with BBS Volume 2?

    I kind of desperately wanted this story to actually be developed because the RoD intrigues me, Aqua is one of my favorite characters, and the stuff at the end of BBSFM looked pretty shway
  19. Relix

    Help/Support ► Why doesn't it feel like I did the right thing?

    It's just absolute bullshit that this happened, I mean, who does that. Talking a bunch of sh*t is normal but hitting someone right off that back with my back almost completely to him. Such bullshit. He would have gotten his ass beat, I could hear it in my friend's voice (I've only heard stories...
  20. Relix

    Help/Support ► Why doesn't it feel like I did the right thing?

    I'm not a violent person, not even much of an angry person. Guys have started fights with me over petty things like ex-girlfriends, bad-blood between friends, or something of the sort. These fights were usually with people I sort of knew or had seen on regular basis. But tonight was different...