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    If KH is NOT light why did it failed to fill SoD with the power of darkness

    Re: If KH is NOT light why did it failed to fill SoD with the power of darkness? Read all Yeah, and then the darkness grows or shrinks depending on the heart itself.
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    If KH is NOT light why did it failed to fill SoD with the power of darkness

    Re: If KH is NOT light why did it failed to fill SoD with the power of darkness? Read all I think KH is a balance between both darkness and light, but it appears correspondingly to the person's heart. Sora's heart was mostly light, so KH appeared to be light. But since ASOD's heart was pretty...
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    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    You're blaming Nintendo for something they didn't do. The PSP2 has to cost more than 300$ for Sony to be able to break even. With all the power they're putting in that thing, it can't cost less than 300 or else Sony would be losing money. You think a powerful device like that could be priced...
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    Why Ansem SoD and Xemnas are in 3D

    That quote supports my theory that MX will come back as Young Xehanort even more. Thanks. lol They wouldn't show Young Xehanort for nothing, you know. I think that Ansem SoD and Xemnas are just illusions. Then when they are defeated, we see them join together and create XH again. Then Sora and...
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    Even More New KH3D Screenshots

    I don't think those have been/or will be revealed for a couple of months.
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    Even More New KH3D Screenshots

    Nice pics. Sora's light aura is sick. Is there a pic showing Riku's Dark aura? :D
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    Platform for Birth by Sleep Volume 2?

    Re: Which console/handheld will Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Volume 2 be available to? And what goes in that cartridge slot? No UMDs, that's for sure...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    I would actually want Sora and Riku's new clothes to look similar to TAV's clothing... I'd also like to see Riku and Sora have their own armor, but i think they're going to stick with the organization cloaks. But still, it would be sick to see Riku and Sora in their armor/ TAV's style of...
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    Just things in General (Mostly BBS V2), you might find it interesting i swear.

    I think these points are accurate enough to be shown in BBSv2. Good job. :) I like the part when you said that Riku would meet Aqua in the RoD and then lose his memories... It makes sense, since Ansem lost most of his memories while he was in there for years.
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    I think the reason they're making BBS v.2 is because...

    Me too. It'd be really cool if the game also showed Ansem's apprentices and what experiments they did and such. In kh2 Final Mix, it showed the rooms where the experiments were held, but it didn't show what the apprentices really did to them. I hope they will show that in KHBBSv2.
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    PSP2/ NGP Possible Home to BBSV2 or Future KH Titles !Update Pics!

    Re: PSP2/NGP maybe holding BBSv2? That's where Sony failed with the PSP go, and that's where they are gonna fail with the new PSP. That's what i think at least. I am also laughing at how Microsoft is falling behind with their xbox. They have no handheld systems, meaning they only get revenue...
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    NGP (PSP2) Announced

    The NGP, or the PSP2 was announced today, and it looks pretty cool. Do you think that BBSv2 might come out for the PSP2, or the PSP? Should we expect any KH titles to be on the PSP2? It's expected to be released around the holiday season in 2011, meaning around Christmas or so. Here's the PSP2...
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    MX could have found Ven. I mean, MX knew LoD's secrets and that it could be turned into CO. He couldn't find it as Xemnas because he didn't have the memories of LoD. When he comes back, i assume he will have all of his memories.
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    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

    LOL, i'm with ya buddy. That would be awesome. Then you see Andy just stomping in as a boss, and you have to kill him. LOL
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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    Really? I didn't notice that. I'm gonna go watch the trailer again. If they merge, we might possibly see MF, or Xehanort?
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    Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less DUMB than it is]

    Re: Dream Drop Distance Wishes and Improvements [aka let's get KH less shit than it is] Their outfits might change as they use their new powers, a la Sora's drive forms.
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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    Yeah that's what i was thinking about. That's probably where Nomura will put it in most, i assume. That's why in the trailer, you see Sora fighting Xemnas, and Riku fighting ASOD. We're probably gonna switch between fighting each of them, to make it much more challenging. It's interesting, and...
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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    It would suck if i was stuck on Sora's part, then had to wait patiently for Riku's gameplay to come in. I'd end up waiting for hours. >.> You would hear Riku laughing in the distance. lol
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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    I hope the 3d ends up being great. I'm sure nomura won't disappoint. I'm excited for the trailer on the 27th.
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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    Also, i wonder how they will utilize the analog stick during gameplay. Possibly for much faster navigation, or 360 degree movement. :D