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  1. Drollive

    Darkness Reborn

    As Sebastian stood from the chair he'd been patiently sitting in, his gaze swept across the White Room, passing over the handful of prone bodies in front of him. Some of them had finally begun to stir, and while he waited for them to awaken, he straightened his tie, royal purple, matching the...
  2. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► The Artist

    Poor guy......no granola...... CA is teh writing 'Xor! Go CA!
  3. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► The Artist

    I like the story so far......and it's not one big block this time! CA, you should finish one of your many stories and get it published! <W00t for 100th post!
  4. Drollive


    I'm in a band and I've been appointed official screamer. I've read some articles on the "safe" way to do it, without damaging your vocal cords, but I've also read some that say there is no safe way. The majority of them have the same basic guidelines: -If it hurts, your doing it wrong. -Drink...
  5. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► Jesus of Suburbia

    Are you going to do the stories of St. Jimmy and Whatsername...the whole CD's story (basically)?
  6. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► Jesus of Suburbia

    This is the best fanfic I've ever read!!! (mostly 'cause I don't read any) That is one of my fav songs! It also helps that my nickname at school is St. Jimmy! Keep up the awesome!
  7. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► Another Poetry Thread. . .

    Aw...Stavvy's so sad...cheer up Stavvy...good poems...
  8. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► The Last Reever

    WTF CA...How can there be a book that doesn't have pictures? lol jk Cool story...yeah...eyes sore from the big block of words.
  9. Drollive

    Help/Support ► I Think I Can Help. Ask Me.

    CA, not only do I want to join the helping crew, but I have a problem. For CA, Stav, and Froad only. I'm in a band, and one of the members, let's call him Dan, isn't pulling his weight. Dan's been my friend for a long time, and he says he's getting better (he's been saying that for a while...
  10. Drollive

    Irregular Eight!!!!11one

    Nobody knows what The Irregular Eight are except me, Stavros, Trylex, Chosen Again, and The Froad. The Irregular Eight 2 Men in Hats Irregular Eight (sorry about the colors) The Irregular Eight is a comic that me and my friends (mentioned above) made. It is about 8 super heroes: Dillman (me)...
  11. Drollive

    Lemon Demon fan club!

    This is for people who love Neil Cicierega, a.k.a. Lemon Demon, a.k.a. Trapezoid/Deporitaz. He has recently made a knew song named "Knife Fight" in which he fights his rival, also a singer, with knives...until the ending, which, in my opinion, sucks! *shutters* Lemon Demon EvilTrailMix.com...
  12. Drollive

    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I hate everyone I had to fight!...Does that count?
  13. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► Death's Sorrow: The Exodus Of Jailtin Reeve

    Hi...this story is...SO GOOD!!! And Feldsein is now going to be refered to as The Ugly One...ok?
  14. Drollive

    Help/Support ► *sigh*

    it may take a while for his feelings for her to go away, but as long as he doesn't kill himself, he should be fine. When he feels better, you should tell him how you feel.
  15. Drollive

    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    Dude...I know what it means! You know what it means! Everyone who has posted on this knows what it means! Just ask her out already!
  16. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► Death's Sorrow: The Exodus Of Jailtin Reeve

    Yeah...special...like that...hehe...that sounded wrong
  17. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► Death's Sorrow: The Exodus Of Jailtin Reeve

    Wow! This is awesome so far! You should finish this and get it published! I'd buy it!
  18. Drollive

    Fanfiction ► Between the Rift

    Wow aar...I mean Stavros! I never knew you could write so well! That was cool! I think that you, me, Ty, and Thor should get together and put all of our books in one somehow kinda! (Oh, and I'm on the site now so you and Ty can stop buggin' me!)