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    Mysterious Countdown (Kingdom Hearts 2.5, or something else?)

    Posting it in KH3, but move if needed. Saw it wasn't posted here but move if needed. So a few minutes ago, THIS link appeared. Project Destati It's counting down, seems like next month we'll have some news? Is that day KH 1.5 releases in the US? Speculate? Glad to log in and post something...
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    Help/Support ► Memory Master: The Story of How I Got Justice

    If done right this could make a great anime c:<
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    Help/Support ► Why is my Mom doing this constantly?

    lol...this made my day :) but how does this sound trollish? The tickling part? I spent a good (all of 2 minutes) time on Google seeing if the chin-touching part was a common issue. Apparently, its common for BOYS to do it to GIRLS not moms doin it towards their own sons.
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    Help/Support ► Why is my Mom doing this constantly?

    o_O I cant say ur trolling...but you guys on KHInsider can seriously kid a little too much...ur kidding right?
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    Help/Support ► Why is my Mom doing this constantly?

    Okay I was being 100% serious but I calmed down now. She doesn't call out my name sexually, she just says it...slow, but then I realized she does that with all of the family members that she's close to. And the tickling she does that with everyone, just me more often. But the chin touching, is...
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    Help/Support ► Why is my Mom doing this constantly?

    Stretch marks...and no. And divorced. And has stretch marks.
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    Help/Support ► Why is my Mom doing this constantly?

    I'm 13 firetruckin' years old. I told my mom to stop doing this to me multiple times and she still keeps doing this nearly daily. Now its just creeping me out and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable around her. Basically she has the need to tickle me (and at this point I tell her in a frustrated...
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    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    Yeah, Pinnacle studios is a shit program at times. The choppiness is a price to pay.
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    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    He only/mainly does it in Roxas related games. Roxas is shown in the Secret Ending in BBSFM. Just sayin'
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    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    Thanks for the feedback1 As for the Dark Real reflecting the Light Realm...that would be very interesting.
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    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    Thanks for the 100+ views guys!
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    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Vol. 2 Opening Mock-Up Well, considering we can nearly and safely assume that BBS Part/Volume 2 will fill in the gaps, I whipped up a mock-up opening cinematic! Enjoy! :)
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    My theory: 1/4 of the game will be the opening cutscenes, tutorial and basic moves. (Incorporated into "training" for Sora and Riku) 2/4 of the game will be the First and Second trials of the Mark of Mastery 3/4 of the game will be the Final trial of the Mark of Mastery 4/4 of the game will...
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    KH3D "prelude to the final battle".

    The game mostly will come out this Fall-Winter then for Japan considering the game came out in 2001 there. Maybe a miracle will happen and we'll get a 2011 release as well?
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    YouTube - The Movie Trailer Parody

    YouTube - YouTube - The Movie (2011) Trailer A trailer parody, combining various viral YouTube videos into one movie.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie Trailer

    YouTube - Sonic the Hedgehog Movie (2011) Trailer I made it in my spare time.
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    Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts (Music Video)

    YouTube - Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts - I'll Attack Enjoy...
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    The guy is...Michael Jackson. C'mon it makes perfect sense! He came back in time before he died and wanted to get TAV's opinions on his dance moves he was gonna perform at the "This Is It" tours and concerts. On a serious note it might be Xehanort. Wouldn't be surprised.
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    My 911 Anniversary Video

    YouTube - 9/11 9 Year Anniversary 9.11.10 A rather sad video I constructed with tons of footage from the 9/11 attacks.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Mock-Up Trailer

    Thanks for the feedback! I was realized I used one scene twice and some scenes were choppy thanks to the craptastic Windows Movie Maker. I tried to have the music from the regular scenes washed out but it only worked half of the time.