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  1. Viku

    Terra the Keyblade Master?

    Maybe you can only get the title from your direct Master and not other. So, Terra could only become Master if Eraqus sayed so, not Xehanort
  2. Viku

    The one who left(spoilers kinda)

    Maybe MX's departure became some kind of urban myth/story (if you can call DI "Urban") which passed between kids and kids of each generation...
  3. Viku

    Favorite Quote?

    "a-koo-wa"-Stitch (So adorable how he says it <3) "Hellooo Plan Beta"-Hades -Stitch: *gibberish* -Gantu: I'm just big-Boned!! "Keyblades are not something you use to bully people around!"-Mickey "Oh, ye' are not getting my money!"-Scrooge (The fact that he is sayign that to a freaking...
  4. Viku

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) Seems that Aqua's VA is very abd when it coems to mroe calm scenes, but actually quite good when it comes to serious talking (The whole Master Aqua scene soudns pretty nice). Al the others voices were cool, thought Ven's VA sound a bit off (weird considering all he...
  5. Viku


    Agree. Friendhsip dosen't have to make it sound like something else. Luckly, Nomura seems to have learned with BBS. I hardly feel anything that could get into Terra/Ven levels. Still, I would like at least a little bit of romance, but that's just some part of my brain talking (It have always a...
  6. Viku

    where do students get their keyblade?

    is that or their masters handed to them. Kinda like riku does with kairi in KH2...
  7. Viku

    The Keyblade Rider

    Or maybe the use of Keyblade Riders is just part of Eraqus' style of teaching. Probably Yen Sid has diferent abilities he prefers to teach.
  8. Viku

    Birth by Sleep - Final Mix...?

    Don't forget Braig, I would love to shoot people to death!
  9. Viku

    Birth by Sleep - Final Mix...?

    Didn't the first part against MX have Vanitas as well? Something that didn't happened: Ven VS Braig or Everyone VS The Evil Queen
  10. Viku

    *spoilers?* Birth by Sleep Intro (Proposed) English Version

    In my opinion, I like Hikari better. I hate most of Simple and Clean lyrics and really believe if someone translates Hikari's lyrics they would be diferent... Still, there's one part I love to hear in english: Hold me Whatever lies beyond this morning Is a little later on Regardless of...
  11. Viku

    Vanitas and Riku

    I just think the whole thing with imitating Riku's pose was more as a reference from THE PLAYER. Just for make you go "Hey that's Riku's Fighting pose!!". I think it's just like Aqua being the one giving charms (reference to Kairi) or her getting Destiny Place.
  12. Viku

    Birth by Sleep - Final Mix...?

    True. But didn't the newer ver. of Dissidia also had to balance the characters as well? In this case all they gotta do is add a few new keyblades and a couple of extra scenes. Still, you are right...
  13. Viku

    The Keyblade Rider

    My favorite is Terra's. Keyblade Motorcycle FTW!!! Also. I guess It's an ability that keyblades hae just like being able to open locks or desappear and reaper by the user's wish. Still, maybe just like keyblades, the K. Riders are diferent depending on the user's choice or just come from...
  14. Viku

    Birth by Sleep - Final Mix...?

    You know, with the possibilities that the consoles have these days. They could easly turn FM content into DLC (So they an add things inmideatly more then just re-sell the game again). Also, it could be easier for the developers translate it to english...
  15. Viku

    The Keyblade Rider

    I wanna see Sora, Riku or Mickey pulling one of those. Still, they would also need armors or they could not survive outside their worlds...
  16. Viku

    And I thought Axel's story was sad enough...[big spoilers]

    With so many things that people have said of axel in here, makes me wonder: How would an adult Lea look like?
  17. Viku

    And I thought Axel's story was sad enough...[big spoilers]

    Our three BBS heroes have sad stories (we knew that pretty much before the game was even released), but I agree with Aqua being the saddest, still, i don't say that by too far...Both Terra and Ven also get a lot of crap... Aqua's ending is very special to me because it BOTH sad and...
  18. Viku

    Theory: LS is... *Spoilers*

    The whole thing involving Vanitas being the source ruins all theories don't ya think? anyways, still I can believe LS are in some way Unversed. That would explain while Vanitas' LS has the unversed symbol right on it face
  19. Viku

    TAV Keyblades

    I think it will just be called X Blade....
  20. Viku

    quick question or more

    Probably, he is confusing the part where they pick up keyblades at the graveyard in the KH2FM+ Secret Video as Dual-wielding. Well, if that's the case, that's not dual-wielding, they just picked up some rusty keyblades. Which makes me think: Why did that part was scraped from the game. Was...