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    Final Weapoh KH2

    yes so did i and thats what made the battle alot more easier
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    What Should've Been in KH2

    hello i just said it wasnt even close 2 80 hours but it should have ahd more game play beating it in 28 hours is not even close
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    Final Weapoh KH2

    yes i agree i beat him using quick run as well it helps out alot ofcourse mine was level 3 which is the highest it can go but i wish it could go higher
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    Final Weapoh KH2

    yah but thats not the ultimate weapon though Ultima is the best but fenrir just has better offense
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    final boss (kh2)

    yes i agree just mash triangle x and square like crazy and usually ull beat him heh heh
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    What Should've Been in KH2

    i would say yes more game play namura even said it was twice as long as the first one but that was a lie because i beat kh2 in 29 hours and i beat kh1 in 37 hours which is actually a big difference and i would also have would like 2 see more organization ppl
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    Marluxia II

    the first marluxia had 0's and 9's thats y he was harder but then his power like decreased when u fight the real one
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    Final Weapoh KH2

    umm if ur talking about kh 1 its the Ultima weeapon and u get it by mixing items again like mystery goo
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    Who has seen over 50 Bleach episodes...

    Hey if uve seen over 50 episodes of Bleach u should know how the story line is and the characters post ur opinion on who ur favourite character is and whats ur favourite episode as for me my favourite episode is 52 and 53 and my favourite character has 2 be ichigo or captain kuchiki
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    Marluxia II

    i beat him aat level 48 and yes it was actually dissaponting 2 how easy he was because if u look he didnt have any 9 or 0 caards at all
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    Chain of memories

    actually i thought the battle system was better because u had better attacks like holy and omni slash and flare which u cant get in the kh games for ps2 if u think about it
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    *sigh* ive watched it over and over and it doesnt say anything about that
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    well if u look Ultima and fenrir dont look like keys at all the look like normal swords and feniri looks like clouds blade and sehpiroths together if u know what i mean with the bandages at the bottom and stuff
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    well she is fine but i didnt think much of her shes scary especially with those claws and she was a pain in the but in chain of memories but overall she is a good chara ter 2 bad she was elimated though because i would have liked 2 see her in kh2
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    i was waiting 7 months for mine and i finally got it then i went home and beat it in 4 days ^-^ and im still palying it now on proud mode trying 2 complete all the gummi routes and finishing all the mimigames
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    ive just realized how much of a wierd thread this is ^^
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    axels original name

    Ale or Ela
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    ok ultima weapon or fenrir???

    i would say Ultima its better ^^
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    was KH2 worth it?

    yes the wait was defenetly worth it because of how good the game was i playes it the first day i got it and beat it in 4 days then played it over and over again ^-^