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    whos your favoarite hokage

    :closedeyes: is it the first second third or fourth:scared:
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    hokage club

    :scared: this is the naruto hokage club where u can talk about naruto and the movies:thumbsup:
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    whtas batter????????

    what do u think is better????
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    whats better

    what is better wii or ps3
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    kh2 poll

    xmenas world that never was Riku desteniy island axel world that never was are tied
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    kh2 poll

    who would you be and where would you live?
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    kingdom hearts2 poll

    If you where allowed to be any character in kingdom hearts 2 who would it be A:Axel B:king mickey C:Riku...
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    Kh2:FM+ in America

    kingdom hearts final mix is comin to US in fall 2007
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    Kingdom Hearts manga

    i tried reading the kingdom hearts seris it was good i have volums 124 in the end it says the journy continus it continus in chain of memories volme1 i have it you can either get them at chapters or comic world