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    Im baaaaaaaacccccckkkkk....

    Remember me? probably not but i am back and better than ever!!! wait...what? just say hi anyway.
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    Best Game Out off Adventure quest, Runescape and dragonfable

    Wat do u think? hmmmmmmm???
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    My Roxas look-alike knight theory

    This is the weirdest theory ever but maybe if a keyblader becomes a heartless then 2 nobodies are created. Weird I know but hey, I felt like writing this
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    My theory on the keyblades with no chain.

    I don't know why I came up with this but maybe a keychain is the main source of light in a keyblade and with more darkness overpowering it the keychain disappers over a period of time becoming a dark keyblade, and with no keychain the keyblade is vunerable to darkness controlling it. The...
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    KH2's Dumbest Quotes.

    "Gawrsh! Two keyblades!"- Goofy What did he think they were? Two pies! "Are you ready bodyguards?"- Jack Skellington That's just annoying
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    FAQ: How to Beat Sephiroth

    alright then here is my strategy. I beat him at lvl 82 Abilites First equip High jump,Quick run, Aerial dodge and glide. You can get them by leveling up every drive form. Then put on as many ground and midair combo pluses as you can and put on a negetive combo. Put on leaf bracer, upper...
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    am i the only one getting the game when it comes out in the US?

    im gonna wait for the NA version itll be a waste to throw away the money if itll spoil the game AND if i cant read Japenese
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    Death in Kingdom Hearts II...

    Actually maybe Mickey Mouse will die to save the Disney Castle and everyone in it,im not in favor of it but it could happen.
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    me:i need to see dd1 again Mike:why me:cuz i dunno the part when sora got *moves thumb over his neck Mike:oh me:and mike Mike:hm me:quit dancing the polka in the nude! Mike:ohhh
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    Think you would fight all Unkowns at once?

    It would be f**kin hard! but if u can beat sephiroth u can beat them.so bring it on!(if it happened ;)
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    me: it doesnt matter. Well i guess u cant kill me person! ???:darn.well i know what to do! me:what? ???:i have to say my name! me:fine. ???:its Mike! a.k.a ??? me:ok then,oh and dancbanks where are the choices Mike:we need choices!
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    XIII Order = Organization XIII

    XIII order.Its shorter.And why isnt this a poll?
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    Sora KH2 CG (Not a Video)

    that looks kwl!
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    Worst Rumors.

    I got another one! Ansem and Sepiroth do the Macarena at the end.That was from the image gallery
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    The Card

    MuffinMan is right and mabye Cid has a point
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    Anyone Keeping an "Opened Mind" towards the org in Kh2? (just read)

    Well if Oogie Boogie can come back then some members of the order might aswell.
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    Something Funny :)

    I wonder if they are related but odds are theyre not
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    Nomura hinted there might be more new FF charas...

    I hope Rinoa and Barret are in! Edit:and Vincent!
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    Do you like the new theme song 4 KHII???

    Its good but Simple and clean is better! I sing it daily and hear its after beating the game!