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    1 dragon 3 knighs 3 keyblades masters and one badguy left

    Where are you getting that from? Everyone who died in CoM NEVER came back in KH2, and I think that's plenty evidence that all of this "liek lol he didnt die" stuff is totally unfounded. Axel didn't die in CoM, and he came back in KH2, but everyone that was killed by Sora or Riku in KH1.5...
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    Birth by sleep

    Nobody knows. You can count on there being endless speculation by thousands of fans though, which will ultimately turn out to be totally wrong. I can see it now: "liek lol its a war of nobodys adn sora clones fightin thru tiem to save teh door 2 darknes and stuf and sora and riku r brothers...
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    1 dragon 3 knighs 3 keyblades masters and one badguy left

    Don't feel bad about it. Even that dude from A Beautiful Mind wouldn't be able to find a code in that nonsensical jibberish.
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    Is this objective really necessary?

    I don't believe you. "Destiny Mode." Heh. I scoff at that. [/scoff]
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    1 dragon 3 knighs 3 keyblades masters and one badguy left

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there hundreds of keyblades surrounding them in a pattern? Or were the objects not keyblades? I thought they looked like it.
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    Birth by sleep

    This does belong in the spoiler section. For those of you who have no clue what's being discussed here, don't read the following sentence. In the video, weren't there hundreds of keyblades in the ground?
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    Did you hear...

    What a disgustingly large sig.
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    How did riku every get a keyblade

    You must be stoned to make assumptions like that about me.
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    How did riku every get a keyblade

    Wait, the Souleater became a keyblade?! Hmm, I knew it suspiciously looked key-like.
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    Everything is coming back to me, the true...

    Linear isn't the right word for it, methinks. Square can be extremely varied, though I'm 99.2% sure that Sora doesn't become evil. I doubt Disney would allow it, if Square ever even planned it at all. Either way, there's zero evidence for it, so it's most likely not going to happen. Can you...
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    My point is that the main (and only) physical connection you can make between Sora and BHK to show that they are connected is the eyes. Not everyone's eyes look the same, but Sora's and BHK's do, and so do Namine's and Kairi's.
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    Everything is coming back to me, the true...

    Read one post before yours, and it will be explained why that cannot be.
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    Everything is coming back to me, the true...

    There's really no evidence for any of that at all. Why do people insist on making theories that aren't backed up by any kind of facts? TheMuffinMan, in all his wisdom, covered this pretty well, but I have something to add... Not only is your theory never supported in any trailer or anything...
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Now, this is merely speculation, so I'm not claiming to believe any of this, it's just an idea. It also could have been said before, but oh well... We're sure that Sora and BHK are connected in some way at least, and that they have some resemblence to each other, most notably in the eyes...
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    Hey hey now, careful...no spoilers, please. I know that's not a big spoiler, but it might give away something to some people. Cloud will most likely have the same kind of insignificance he had in the original KH. Final Fantasy characters just don't have important roles in these games. The...
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    U Can Play As The BHK!

    For God's sake, please just stop freaking out and go die in a ditch somewhere. You'll do all us sensible people a favor.
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    Riku and Twilight Town

    I can't believe that people don't remember how Riku got to Twilight Town in CoM. Don't you remember that EVERY world he went to was because of cards made from Sora's memories? They weren't from Riku's. They just used the same cards they drained from Sora's memories.
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    Reverse Help

    The dark points in the game can be confusing, because of how oddly the numbers work. Even if you have a total of, say 50 dark points from leveling up, you still go into dark mode during battle at 30, but once you hit that mark the points get boosted to your max, which would in this case be 50.
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    RIku Replica

    I think they refer to themselves one or two times during CoM as Nobodies. How do we know that orginazation members don't have hearts? How is it that they'd be able to remain conscious without a heart, while after Kairi had hers stolen she went into a coma?
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    Axel or Ansem?

    What the hell are you talking about?