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    Portable Battle Systems

    Has anyone noticed that the battle systems for the portable games tend to involve a much larger number of skills than KH or KHII? This isn't including passive support abilities like fire boost or last chance, I'm talking about skills that have a battle animation. KH:BBS and CoM are the best...
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    Comparing Ven and Kairi

    Thanks for the namine fact, was very useful. And yeah, that makes sense about Ven, but I expect there's probably still a chance he could have a nobody result from having his heart leave Sora's, though at this point I'm doubtful.
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    Comparing Ven and Kairi

    Do we know that Namine was created when Kairi's heart was released from Sora's? I haven't read or heard that anywhere before, when was that revealed?
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    Comparing Ven and Kairi

    Or, you know, that he even has one?
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    Comparing Ven and Kairi

    Ok, so I noticed something that may or may not have already been brought up, but that interests me greatly. Ven had (at the time I'm speaking of) a heart of pure light. Kairi has a heart of pure light. Ven lost his heart. Kairi lost her heart. Ven's heart was kept in Sora's body. Kairi's...
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    That's really not what I meant :S I meant, everyone has two choices. They can play Coded, and get all of it's info first hand while they enjoy the game. Or, they can skip coded, and find out what happens in Coded based on what happens in KHIII (like what I first did with CoM and KHII), saving...
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    Someone's started a flame war, take cover! I haven't even played Coded, and I can guess that it's going to be important. You could say 358/2 Days wasn't important because all plot development was concerned with only that game, and didn't add to other aspects of the KH franchise. But that's only...
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    recoded screen

    Can't wait til this comes out in English :D I remember I originally fobbed Chain of Memories off as being an unimportant side game, and after playing KHII I realised I'd missed a lot. I have no intention of making the same mistake twice.
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    Did anyone else run through this doing the three stories concurrently? I went world for world with each of the three characters.
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    Vanitas and Master Xehanort

    Just quickly on the earlier note that Eraqus is an example of how the light isn't always good either, because he only used light and it drove him to "evil" actions. He explicitly states as he's dying that he had not seen the DARKNESS in his own heart. He admits that he has darkness in his own...
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    Why does Vanitas look like Goofy?

    Yeah, I made this chart up today. I'm no graphical design wiz though :p Welcome to Facebook
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    Why does Vanitas look like Goofy?

    Alrighty, I'm reasonably happy with that explanation, certainly better than anything I can come up with. Looks like hearts are good predictors for how someone looks when they're all grown up, too :p
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    Why does Vanitas look like Goofy?

    My bad, wasn't thinking in the slightest. The entire section is labeled spoilers, but your point is still abundantly valid. How do I rename it though?
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    Why does Vanitas look like Goofy?

    This has something that has been bugging me. We now know full well why Roxas looked nothing like Goofy despite being his nobody. Ventus's heart was in there too and that's what defined Roxas' appearance and also explains why Roxas' personality was so removed from Goofy's. But, why does Vanitas...
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    So wait..

    I do know that there was a screen shot (that didn't even remotely seem doctored) or Maleficent speaking to Terra in the Olympus Coliseum. The fact that this doesn't appear in the game does make it likely to me that Maleficent was supposed to have a bigger role than she did, but I don't...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [Spoiler]

    That was the secret ending, so don't sweat that. But I don't think so... I'm pretty sure that note just alludes to the events of KH:Coded, so not quite as exciting I'm afraid.
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    @Vanitas97. Shotlocks can be gotten a few ways, but mainly you just have a random chance to create one when you meld certain commands. Not very helpful... but that's life sometimes :P I haven't logged on here in over a year, I'm surprised my account is still here. Anyway, my first impressions...
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    BBS Demo on the PSP Go?

    I daresay that BBS will most like end up with a PSN demo as well, just based on how enthusiastic Sony is about Square Enix. There's usually a theme or something to be downloaded from SE on Sony's store and Dissidia got a PSN demo, so at the very least I definitely wouldn't be counting it out.
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    Game saves

    Man I didn't know people were still using power saves, I haven't heard that stuff mentioned in years. If you want I can try and upload some for you, not sure if my hardware for it has been thrown out. What kind of saves you after? 100% completed, or just gotten ultima weapon or something?
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    Has Tekken been canned?

    I'm starting to become concerned by the complete lack of info coming out concerning Tekken 6. I know Namco hasn't really been doing any other particularly pressing projects lately either so it can't be that they are pre-occupied, certainly not in any particularly effective way. I have seen a...