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    An Oldie, but Goodie

    Hey everyone. I'm not new (as you can see) but I did disappear for like a year. So I came to re-introduce myself. So... Hi! :) Little 'bout meself: Name: Sky Age: TBD Gender: Female Interests: Art & Literature Hobbies: Drawing, writing, rping, drawing... drawing... playing my guitar...
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    Revival (FF7 RP)

    This is 2 years after the end of the game. Everyone went their separate ways, living out their lives. Everything seems peaceful.. until... Another race, called Sacreds, come and do something that sends the whole earth shaking. They proformm a ritual to revive Sephiroth! In this race, they...
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    Fanfiction ► The Cloud Strife Chronicles

    Nope. You have more fans. ^_^ I like it too. Keep up the great work! *thumbs up*
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    Fanfiction ► The Cloud Strife Chronicles

    Oh. Sry dude. :o Anyway: Good story. keep it up. :)
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    Earth is in Danger!

    Earth. Year 2118. World War III had left the world a barren desert with lack of water, trees and most of all, life. The few humans that survive here are dwindling out slowly - not because of polution, but because of an advanced human. Most humans had escaped to Mars before the world was damaged...
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    The Bloodfall

    Now, in this story, Bloodfall has risen. Bloodfall is an orginization created by human vampire hunters and witches. Long ago, they were brought down by a group of now fallen vampires (dead) as they were killed by other hunters out of revenge. Now someone named Lilith, a very powerful witch who...
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    Frost Works Assignment #6

    I'm not gonna make this really hard. It's a month away from Valentine's Day So... Make a sig that just something that goes w/ the holiday. It can have a stock or no stock. Use whatever brushes & filters you want. let's say the cut off will be next week. Sun, 1-22-06
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    Wonderland, American McGee Style! (retry)

    Ok. The first 1 kinda died. So let's retry it since some people still want it to go on. If you're new to joining here's the Plot Line/Rules/Form: In the world of Wonderland, The evil Queen of hearts has poor Alice Ridel(forget how to spell her name) inprisoned! Alice was the world of...
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    The plot is, there is a war between the werebeings and the vampires; some humans befriended the vampires while others, the werebeings (OK, I'll stop now ^_^0) anyway, some hybrids were created in the midst of the confusion. So, who do you want to be? you can be a werebeing, a vampire, a human...
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    Tifa Lockheart

    I was practicing shading on this & I think It turned out nice. It may look bad b/c 1) My scanner made it like that 2) I had to make a copy that had a lower resolution http://usera.imagecave.com/miko-bunny/Tifacopy.jpg so? Please try to give somewhat constructive criticism :o
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    The Infused

    I'm doing this as a story for fun. Let's see how it goes here. 2 groups of scientist that worked together have expirmented w/ infusing magic & weapons. One group though that they were so successful that they should try infusing magic w/ humans. The other group thought it was to risky to even...
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    Wonderland, American McGee Style!

    Ok. This is an RP that you can be from The Human World or Wonderland. Remember, (For those of you that ahve played this game) this has fighting, blood & guts stuff. Evil card soldiers, Phyco, Blood-thirsty Queen of hearts, etc. Story-Line: In the world of Wonderland, The evil Queen of hearts...
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    Inuyasha: The Next Generation

    Ok. This takes place after Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Sango & Miroku have gather all of the sacred jewel fragments & Defeated Naraku. The team finally gets a chance to settle down for a few years. Until.... word that prophocy being fullied about a sacred maiden who is equlivlent to the sacred...
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    Hacker's Madness

    (Based on .Hack series) Ok, There is a new VR game that's gonna come out in a week. 4 friends (at least) are antisipating it the most. When the game come out, all is smoothe....Until, news spreds that a kid playing the game, died! No one knows how but the Corperation is going haywire tring to...
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    Memory Book

    This one is going really good too. hope it does the same. In a forgotten section of the local library, there is a book. A book that tells of murder and creatures of chaos, and much else. A memory book is a book which writes itself. That's right, the book creates the sory, instead of a person...
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    ok I got this from another forum & it did pretty well. Humans and demons have been at war for thousands of years... they stop at nothing to win. Its up to the Inbetweens to stop the wars and the world from being destroyed. Inbetweens are Halfbreeds. Half human half demon. A small group of...
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    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy 7- The Aftermath

    Very Very interesting.... keep it going!!! ;) your doing great.
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    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy 7- The Aftermath

    Ahh... good. I hate cliffhangers but I will live. Can't wait for the sequel
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    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy 7- The Aftermath

    Wow! Awsome. Few things... Positive; -Awsome story line. Deep & well written. -Loved the org. charra. very cool. -Nice way to bring back Aries. -Cool twist near the end. didn't see that coming. Negitive: (sorry. there were some) -Where did everyone else go? (like tifa, barret, yuffie, etc...
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    Not New! Just New Name

    I'm the old Mika. i tried to do something, but it messed up my account. OOPS!.... Oh well! I'm still here...