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    Fears about Birth by Sleep

    Considering how good they pulled of Days on the NDS, I'm confident that S-E will do a good Job on BBS.
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    This is the thread where all of us criminal scum who got the Days ROM come to discuss

    Re: This is the thread where all of us criminal scum who got the Days ROM come to dis I going to download as soon as it is uploaded. When it comes to Australia i'll buy it. I've got an EDGE and the only game thats ever lagged for me is Bangai-O Spirits. But i've seen it lag on R4 and TT as well.
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    358/2 Days Xion Gameplay?

    I agree. I'm hoping she is unlockable.
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    358/2 Days Xion Gameplay?

    Something also happens to Larxene, Vexen, Zexion, Lexaeus, Marluxia, but they’re still playable.
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    358/2 days chat

    The chat feature was mention back in 2007 but it doesn't confirm if it's Wi-Fi or not.
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    Bring the Final Mix+ games to America and other countries (mod-free)?

    I agree with this. I really don't see it being profitable for SE.
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    I had a feeling this would be the cover when the offical site changed to that picture the other day.
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    358/2 Days site update

    Re: Kingdom hearts 358/2 days That’s because a mod has merged this thread with the thread I replied on.
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    358/2 Days site update

    Re: Kingdom hearts 358/2 days Sorry but it's already been mentioned. 358/2 Days site update - KHInsider Forums
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    Is the Org. really evil?

    I found Xemnas to be evil. Everyone else just seemed to do bad stuff because they didn't really know any better cause they didn't have a heart.
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    Do I have to play as Riku?

    If you got nothing else to do the play it. You can have some fun and fill in some of the plotholes at the same time. BTW Riku's story is a bit different to Sora's.
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    VAT representations

    Isn't it just a concept video. Besides Terra seems to be more darkness than Aqua to me.
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    Is it worth it?

    If you can get it, then get it. Thats all I can say. I know how you feel. I'm wondering when (and if) it will come to Australia.
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    Game saves

    Have you tried: Video Game Cheats, Reviews, FAQs, Message Boards, and More - GameFAQs
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    Could Days be "DSi Enchanced"?

    DSi Enhanced Cards work on all DS systems. The DSi Cards only work for the DSi. GBC games worked on GBA because GBA was backwards compatible.
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    Famitsu Site Updates - High Quality Days Screens

    Me too. The quality looks awesome.
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    Kingdom Hearts

    Ansem The Wise was the ruler of Radient Garden. Xehanort was one of Ansem's Apprentices. Xehanort banished Ansem to the realm of nothingness. Xehanort take his former masters name. He turns into a heartless (thats the ansem we see in KH1 also known as Ansem Seeker of Darkness) and produces a...
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    Updated event section in 358/2 days site

    Nice Find. KHInsider.com Forums - FAQ: Forum Usage
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    Organization XIII

    Roxas FTW!
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    Other Side of your Heart

    Umm, didn't Xemnas find him in Twilight Town. Which would give him those memories.