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    Final Fantasy: Acta Sanctorum

    ~*Title*~ Final Fantasy: Acta Sanctorum (its Latin... Wikipedia it... I use a lot of latin in this) ~*Story*~ Throughout history on the world of Divinitas, man has continued to move forward in terms of the world's technology and the power of the human soul. In times long ago, there were those...
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    about anti-form

    What I'd like to know is the following... WHY this topic continued for 2 pages AFTER I answered, though in summary, the exact post above me on the first page... That is all...
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    about anti-form

    Once you have Final form, you can still turn into Anti-form UNLESS you are driving into Final form... It is the only form that is unaffected by the anti-metre...
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    about anti-form

    You get the auto-drive when you level up for the first time in the form you want...
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    about anti-form

    I first turned Anti in a boss battle for Halloween Town.. I thought I was doing valor form and I attacked, then I notice a trail of darkness behind me and no keyblades.. I look closer and I am pwning... I actually like Anti form... especially two of his combo finishers, the one where he spins...
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    about anti-form

    I'm afraid I have to inform you of the failure in your statement. I have been hit countless times while changing and nothing. In truth there is actually a complex system in place. Every time you transorm, it adds 1 point to an invisible "anti-metre".. now... When you have 9 or more points, you...
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    Bleach ~ A Heroe's Goodbye

    ~*Storyline*~ This storyline takes place after the events leading up to episode 64-ish of the Anime. So, this is all after the Rukia rescue. This is an alternate reality kind of thing, whereas nothing evil is left and now things need to be reworked to normal. Seeing as three Captains betrayed...
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    Prince of Persia: Dawn of War

    Disarm you with a smile... Some say Time is like a river, flowing constantly and swiftly... I have seen the face of Time... And I can tell you with certainty... They are wrong... And leave you like they left me here... It has been almost a Millenia since the first encounter with the Sands...
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    Sons of Plunder ~ Naruto Style RP

    All right, before I get off, this is a Naruto-STYLE RP, which means, it isn't Naruto, but along the same lines. So, I dont want to see any Naruto's, Sasuke's, etc. It is the same thing, only with original characters... Am I clear? I dont mean to sound...well... mean... But I prefer not to see...
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    Final Fantasy ~ The Ghost Of You

    Just for starts, any word your not sure of, namely what I italicize, is Latin.. adn therfore some of which will be translated in the RP, or you can ask me personally. Sorry for the long read, this is sorta like been in my head for a long time, and I thought it sounded like a Final Fantasy style...
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    Swords of Kirana (ZtM's Old Romance/Adventure RP)

    This takes place in Japan, feudal era. The best swordsmasters of the time live here, be them male or female. At the moment though, they are still young, still.... influenceable. At this time however, many things are happening, events of chaos, lords and emperors are fighting for the land...
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    KH ~ Breath Of Twilight

    ~*Story*~ Light... Darkness.. Must we live in such black and white times? Must we distinguish between the two so clearly? Even in death there are no absolutes. There is no black and white, there are only shades of grey. In a universe of grey, how can we find the absolute? Will we remain as a...
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    I Pre-ordered Kh2!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never have a problem getting games, I have like.. three sources in the same area, if one doesn't have it, one of the other two always does. Besides, When they order shipments and junk, they order pre-order copies AND retail copies, so they woun't be out of stock from just pre-orders.
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    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    I never cried once... I laughed a lot... But never cried... The ending didn't make me sad, it pissed me off. Ah, nothing like flying controllers in the morning.
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    Sky High RP

    ~*Storyline*~ It has been a few years since the events of the movie, all of the freshman from the movie are now seniors in the school and a new year is about to begin. With little action from any super villians lately, things have grown very boring at the highschool, with nothing to really talk...
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    -SoUl-EaTeR- -UnLoCkEr- {aNd} -ObLiViOn-

    Read that, it is his theory, and I think he meant 'one' not 'wrong' anyway. So, with this line, that is his theory, not that it created BHK.
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    -SoUl-EaTeR- -UnLoCkEr- {aNd} -ObLiViOn-

    Um, one thing I have to say... The heart unlocker NO LONGER EXISTS! If any of oyu took the time to pay attention in KH, you would notice that it was formed from the hearts of the Princesses, and that it was destroyed when Sora unlocked his own heart. In this sense... Your theory makes absolutely...
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    Fantastic 4 : Doom's-day

    ~*Storyline*~ (Based on movie) Since the emergence of the Fantastic 4, scientists have been attempting to recreate the same results. Fortunately, none have been succesful. Several years since their emergence, new forces have emerged, both good and bad. It seems that the cosmic storms have...
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    Star Wars: Everlasting Balance

    (People can still join after the RP is underway) ~*Rules*~ - No Godmodding - No Powerplaying - Romance Allowed/Encouraged (It adds a level of depth to the characters and their interactions) - Have Fun - No spamming ~*Storyline*~ Nearly 20 years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, peace once...
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    The Sword of Truth RP

    I haven't seen a single one of these... though I bet I am one of the only people on here who have read the ongoing series... oh well... I'll post the rest of the rp junk shortly, I just need to know how many people are guaranteed to join, if no one does, I will delete this... Anywho... If you've...