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    KH2 In the New Ps2 Magazine

    Which magazine was this, anyway?
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    KH2 In the New Ps2 Magazine

    What cakesniffers! (Don't ask, it's from Series of Unfortunate Events.)
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 demo disk

    Ask her to bring you some cheetos!
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    lilo and stitch confirmed?

    I wouldn't really like a Lilo and Stitch or Steamboat Willie world. Steamboat Willie was the comic back in 1928 in which Mickey Mouse first appeared, and I'm not really interested in that.
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    p.o.t.c should'nt be in kh2

    I don't think that all the colorful dialogue from POTC will be included in KH2. KH2 has Disney characters, and I don't really think it *could* be rated T.
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    Theme Song

    Please, no secular songs, I love Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but not for the video game, pleeease. Simple and Clean? I'm okay with that.
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    Have you Noticed........

    Will everyone please stop saying "n00b"? It unnerves me. Anyway, Kairi appears at 1:26-1:27.
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    Message in a bottle

    I think the bottle is symbolic, really.
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    About the Princesses of Heart

    Thanks to all for commenting.
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    Would u want to fight the Heartless Army?

    Heck yesss!! Sorry, I just watched Napoleon Dynamite. Anyway, I would love to kick some heartless bootay, and I've heard we'll have some great attacks designed for killing huge masses of heartless. Maybe we'll have Trinity Limit!
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    Simple And Clean tabs?

    You should probably Google it.. That's the only thing I can think of.
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    does anyone think.....

    You know what I've been fantasizing about? Kingdom Hearts becoming a big multi-part series like Final Fantasy. Please, no flames. It would just be so awesome, but the flaws are: What would the storyline be? and plus it would take ages to make each game.
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    About the Princesses of Heart

    Will they have anything to do with this game? I'm guessing not.
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    A 'Surprising' New world

    There is a movie coming out, done in claymation in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas, except it's updated of course. It is called "Corpse Bride." It has Johnny Depp as a main character and Tim Burton is directing it. It comes out a bit late to be in KH2 (September 23rd). I doubt it will be...
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    **All the confermed Worlds ok KH2!**

    I can't wait for the POTC. That way, the players such as myself that love Kingdom Hearts and Johnny Depp will be satisfied. ^_^
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    don't put what in KH2?

    My friend typed this: I do not want to have to go back to Wonderland 'cause of the fact the Queen is stupid and she talks a lot. But now, so do I.... Okay, done now.
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    don't put what in KH2?

    Eh, lemme think. .... .... I don't want to have any "mini games," they were pointless and not really fun. Oh, yesh, no Atlantica, please.
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    Does This Bother You ????????

    As to whether or not the game is E, I think it is because those oh-so-pure Disney characters couldn't very well be associated with too much blood and gore and the like. I have a question: Will the Seven Princesses of Heart have anything to do with this game or not?
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    Twilight Town Hints In Deep Jungle !!!!!!

    I didn't really pay attention to those images. Thanks for the info!
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    How many people will line up at walmart when KH2 comes out?

    I wanna get it the very day it comes out, but my grandmother doesn't really do the midnight thing. Well, she took me to Kroger to get the fifth Harry Potter book, and that's been it so far.. I can't wait for KH2.