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    Theories of the link between The King and DIZ

    Sounds all right but theres one snag in your theory and thats the fact Diz is not proved to be a shell but a very good theory.
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    Or they could be part of that new summon system?
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    how does riku know??

    Well there are 2 ways. One: Ansem (or whoever it was) visited you in the cave and Riku could of met him there and did try to reel him into darkness OR numbah... Two: Remember when Malificent was talking about knowledge in the door? Well meby the darkness in Destiny Islands started to feed him...
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    Weird dreams...

    One time i dreamt i had an awakeaning like Sora and BHK. It was cool! Hope i have one that carry's on.
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    Question abot fusion with Donald

    Yeah sorry about that...
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    custom keyblades

    Mebby it's more like when you get the pieces it goes into a certain keyblade you can make. Say there a keyblade called Flame Buster and you get a keyblade piece called Magnum handle, it would go into the Flame Buster set, not Ice brand set. And, when you have a full set go too the synthisis...
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    Did kingdom hearts take mickey and riku's hearts?

    Chill dude, Chill. Okay i agree with tsukiusagimochi about Disney not letting Squaresoft take Micky's heart but mebby i have a theory comming on! What if hearts are like links in a memorie chain and that they can't be destroyed, so Micky loses his heart (along with Riku) and it goes to Kingdom...
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    Question abot fusion with Donald

    No! Sora + Goofy = Valefour Form as in your first summon in FFX.
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    Does This Bother You ????????

    How about humans taken over by heartless but still had there human form, they're heartless AND human at the same time.
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    Sora's ability

    I know that when you complete the Olympus level you can get either of these from strongest to weakest: Zeus's Thunder, Herc's Might and Hermes Tail.
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    Fanfiction ► A Little Storie

    Hahahahahah! Mabye on the cheeks would of been better, and mabye a bit longer.
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    ALL Abilities List

    Just stick down some abilitie names you know. Name: What it does: Others: Simple realy. I've got: Name: Bat Battery What it does: I think he pulls a bat to him, somehow attaches it to his keyblade and swings rapadly. Others: Only works on bat Heartless.
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    Air Spell and a New Dodge Move

    Now as for this one i read on a preview that when they fought this boss little air turbines created by that dragon which can boost your jump to land on the boss's back. Secondly it's actually one those nifty /\ Moves where he dramitacly duck so the dragon can fly over you and if you watched...
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    Level Up Pictures

    Two things. Number one, that Tornado thingy is Aurons 4th overdrive in FFX and second i've actually seen in one of the screenshots the level up screen and it's not that. Oh and i believe when the screenshot was take it was just in the middle of typing Next level 48...EXP.
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    barrat in da new kh2

    Why did he change his name to Leon anyway's? But i think they should put some Final Fantasy IX characters in too.
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    Sora's new moves?

    I know ones called Bat Battery but i only know of 3 others. 2 on the dragon and 1 on Cerberaus(spelling).
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    sephiroith controlling heartless

    Let's see about 10/10, and if you made another one it would be 20/10.
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    Other Final Fanatsy X characters?

    God i hope so! I can't believe after 2 day's i've gotten 3 pages already! What if instead of Lulu teaching black magic how about Vivi.
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    is leon yuffie and airith gonna be in kh2

    Yeah, Cloud and Sora fused would be so cool. And they can preform Meteor Storm or Omnislash.
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    Other Final Fanatsy X characters?

    This is my first thread so depending on how succesfull this one depends on wether i'll start a new one. Anyways, i've been wondering if there will be other Final Fantasy X charecters? Feel free to throw random suggestions at me.