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  1. J

    nobodies and the org

    most org members have nobody counter parts is this a ca wink a dink?for example gamblers and luxford
  2. J

    how to defeat sephy in kh2

    trinty limit all the way and 65 is good cuz most people pick the sword in the beging and you for the sword thats when you learn beserk. thats the leval i beat him at. i know ive got skills also
  3. J

    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    if you did not get the tresure chest with roxas can you get secret ending
  4. J

    The Big Day.

    wait 3 more days and until then put a tent up next to my mailbox
  5. J

    what willcha do when the chills come to u

    I gona goto a diffrent time zone and take a jet home then a terrorist will highjack the plane but i will of jumped out the plane and land on my sofa and play kh2 hours before everone else who plays it were i live and a week later i gonna tell um my story.Ohh RIGHT
  6. J

    KH2 English Commercial

    hey sephi they showed comercials a month early in com and disney had an exstensive one but they did not show alot. G4 shows comercials on x play. whats the point of showing comercials if everones heard about it exept for omish folk . waste of money. Dont do drugs
  7. J

    KingdomHearts2 in Gamespy's Top 20 List for 2006!!!

    i clicked on the gamespy thingy i hope i dont get virus gamespy infects 9\10 computers
  8. J

    roxas or sora???

    roxas has an X in his name and sora does not so of coarse roxas wins
  9. J

    Sora vs. King Mickey

    mickey would win in kh1 but in 2 mickey would get his buttox burned
  10. J

    KH2 Final Mix?

    well we get some extra stuff like bosses
  11. J

    where can u import kh2

    where can u import it and how much is it
  12. J

    if ur no kh pushover

    the 1rst time you play a game it takes along time for instence ff7 took me 90 the seconed time took me 45 so I figure 50 hr beat game and 100-150 to get it 100%
  13. J

    i need a favor

    can some give me a link for the opening video for kh2, not from filefront
  14. J

    Twilight Town

    keyblade thanks for spoiling it
  15. J

    Kingdom hearts 2 going to take forever to beat!

    i beat the 1rst one in 1 week 40hours i rented it from blockbuster.the longest it ever took me to beat a rpg was 100+hours digimon world 3. i am most defentaly getting the guide so the 2 kh should take me 2 weeks to beat.
  16. J

    Theory In A Dream

    i dreamed........i forgot, but all dreams are is what your sub counscous is thinken. this word is misspelled
  17. J

    kh2 you wont believe it

    rem ber this i want an apolgy when the game comes out
  18. J

    Who the heck is DiZ?

  19. J

    Kairi escapes from destiny island theory

    yes she does exscape and u can BATTEL WITH HER
  20. J

    kh2 you wont believe it

    i havent been on in awhile but listen to this. the irt world u go to in kh2 is travers town in fact one of the last worlds is twilight town.in the pride lands you chose wheather to be a cheeta sora or a elaphant.diz is ansam brother and the mayor of twighlight town.marluxirne is back with more...