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    Crazy Theory

    Okay for those of you who have beaten the game you know how Kairi has her own keyblade which means she is a weildier well since Namine is her nobody does that mean she is a weildier too( Just like Sora and Roxas)?
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    Auto Reload Trouble...

    Ok I'm getting ready to fight Xigbar and I want to switch an item in the auto-reload position only thing is that i can't do it the item i want to have auto-reload is an elixir but I only have two items on AR (Potion and Mega-Potion) so how to i swap item's in the AR postition?
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    I'm not attracted to her but she does look better than she did in kh1 she doesn't have a giagantic head anymore...
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    ^^ anti-form also only thing is that u can't go into anti when u want to
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    FF Advent Children

    Okay guys don't flame me but what is the name of the FF character that is dressed all in red that has a gun with 3 barrels (I haven't played any ff games before but im gonna start now)?
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    Kh and Kh2 quotes

    Everybody i was wondering if you could help a member out by saying quotes from Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts 2 that really mean a lot to you, the reason i am doing this is because at the school i go to we have a last year assignment to come up with a favorite quote that we have for people to...
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    I'd go out with Tifa too
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    probally wut nomura was planning for KH2

    yeah to tell u the truth the hearless sign looks a whole lot better than the nobodies sign
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Surpasses One Million Copies Shiped in North America!

    Hmm so do you think in a while will rpg's outnumber shooters?
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    drive form level up

    ^^ wrong dude it has to do with driving you get points for going into a certian drive once you hit the limit to reach anti next time you drive you go anti
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    Fenrir pics

    ^^ looks like a blue smaller version of the ultima to me, oops didn't see you guys post sorry
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    Ok, now I need KH III

    I don't see why people are rushing throught the game i mean COME ON, cherish the game!!!
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    Favorite Form Poll

    i like final a lot but how do you attack in it, your keyblades float around you right?
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    Your Fav. Drive Form

    i like all the forms except anti i just don't think its very useful
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    names of roxas keyblades

    k thanks
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    names of roxas keyblades

    besides oblivion
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    names of roxas keyblades

    what are some of the names of roxases keyblades?
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    who likes rock?

    my favorite band is guns "n" roses and rob zombie what the heck u guys listen to?
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    Anti Form

    did you see this review on youtube?^^ ( and did you get my pm tux?)
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    I finally beat the game!

    i havent but why did you rush it man don't you want to cherish the game?!