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    Kingdom Hearts spring sacrifice ritual

    the reason why kairi is inside sora is because the rain, or water (kairi) is in the sky (sora) in the form of clouds before it rains. the ancients use to preform blood sacrifice rituals to the sun to ensure a Good rainy season for the earth (riku) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcDXgLCnrt4
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    the 7 and the 13

    Destiny Islands the place where the sun is destined to set or descend into the darkness. notice how one icon shows you the sun bright an shiny while the other shows you the setting sun. rikus "changing" if you pay attention, was happening at twilight. there are many world but they share...
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    kingdom hearts zodiac chest

    Kingdom Hearts 0.2 has a secret boss rush and to unlock it, you need to find all 12 zodiac chests! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VAt4WK4Un8 Marluxia, goku black and caius all represent the AutumnHarvest ritual and the passage of time. In final fantasy 13 the main character lightning...
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    Kingdom hearts time

    [IMG] [IMG][IMG] Marluxia, goku black and caius all represent the Autumn Harvest ritual and the passage of time. In final fantasy 13 the main character lightning is representative of the light which is why she tells hope "just call me light" and snow, its representative of darkness or winter. 2...
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    knights of the round table

    it may interest you to know that Roxas's name is Spanish in origin. it comes from the name Rojas (pronounced Roe-hass). in Spanish the J and X are interchangeable. roxas's name actually means "Light" or " Red". remember at the start of 358/2 days when axel ask roxas does he know why the sun sets...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 Off Screen Gameplay from TGS 2016

    i dont like the play doh look they have. i wish they could have just made it look like a better version of the other kingdom hearts
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    The Things You Love And Hate About KH1?

    the thing I love most about KH is the feeling I got when I first put it in my PS2 it was actually my first PS2 game but the feeling I got when I turned on that game, I never have felt that feeling before or after KH1 its weird, its like I instinctively knew it was gunna be the best game I ever...