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    ability chart

    No problem, glad to help. :)
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    Riku and Master Xehanort?

    I know that he never actually took that form and it was only through Terra's eyes. I should of worded it better.
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    Riku and Master Xehanort?

    I've been thinking about this for quite some time now and I'm not too sure whether this question has been answered or not. On Destiny Islands, when Terra was talking with Riku, why did he take the form of young Master Xehanort?
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    ability chart

    I hope this helps, but I'm not sure if this is all of them. Deck Command - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship
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    They probably do. Have you seen any clips showing them?
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    Is there a journal for BBS? I've been on youtube and i've still not seen one yet..
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    Aqua and Mickey/Riku DR

    Well, when Sora and Riku were trapped in the RoD after defeating Xemnas, they made it out fairly quick.
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    Nobody Emblem Relation

    The emblem has nothing to do with Nobodies because they didn't exist during BBS.
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    No one could make a better boss for this game ..

    I wished Gaston was in the game as well, and to answer your question i was actually looking forward to another boss fight with Maleficent.
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    Hasn't it already been stated that Vanitas is a brand new character?
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    Theory: Axel, Ven, and Roxas

    When Xigbar said "others" he doesn't need to be referring to Ven but instead, Aqua and Terra. Edit: Sorry, forgot about what happened in Days.. *Smacks head*
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    If you could change the story of CoM every so slightly

    Oh right sorry. Must of read the question wrong.
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    If you could change the story of CoM every so slightly

    I would change R/R a bit and make it harder because i found that way too easy. Apart from the last fight. (Xehanort's heartless)
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    the story

    SA has rounded this up so this can be closed now?
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    how to get full secret ending in kh2fm?

    E.S (Enigmatic Soldier) or more commonly known as Terra, is a secret boss in KH2:FM. You can order a copy of KH2:FM here.
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    RE: CoM english voices

    RE: CoM english voices I hope you enjoy this if you have not already seen it. This one shows Larxene, Vexen and Marluxia. YouTube - KH Re:CoM English - Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, Namine And this one shows Zexion and Lexaeus. YouTube - KH Re:CoM English - Zexion, Lexaeus, Vexen Enjoy :)
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    When was this?
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    how to get full secret ending in kh2fm?

    Beginner: Impossible Standard: Complete Jiminy's Journal and get all treasures from Gummi Missions (including EX missions) Proud: Complete Jiminy's Journal Critical: Acquire all 3 proofs (i.e. Proof of Connection - Terra, Proof of Non-existence...
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    I say Mar-lux-ay-a
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    Whos Your Pick

    It's hard to say, but Sora.