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  1. J

    Kh2:FM+ in America

    First at all... Amen for you point of view. Second point Puck need to be a little more I don't know change a little his mind, but in the end I hope that S-E US & UK branch bring the game to us.
  2. J

    Kh2:FM+ in America

    Oh Christ!, You give some kind of vibe of Mr.Know-It-All. Geeezzzz, Could you please stop be so negative cuz every truly KH Fan want KH2:FM+ & KH:CoM come to US its a excelent move.... and HOW KNOWS probably S-E launch a special bundle of KH as Capcom does with DMC 5th anniversary package. KH2...
  3. J

    Kh2:FM+ in America

    We can't speculate on such a thing... Only S-E can confirm or denies those fact. I mean come on KH2:FM+ include a complete revamp version of KH:CoM and a upgrade of KH2 sooo i don't find any excuse why not S-E can't launch over US and UK.
  4. J

    Kh2:FM+ in America

    Hmmmmm... I kinda think its coming to US. There rumours and some magazine confirm and IGN and other site too. If you take a look over IGN like a example right.... the first final mix said on the NA launch area - Japan Only yada yada yada but Final Mix+ said unreleased sooo there some hope or...
  5. J

    Sora vs. Roxas no drive forms who would win?

    Both are quite good. So i don't know
  6. J

    Two KH2 discs

    Well is quite obvious. Kh2 is the double of long of KH1, with more FMV more VA is obvious Kh2 need more space for data and files.
  7. J

    KH2 Most Popular Game on PS2!

    Is good to hear KH2 is one of the bigger game to close the PS2 generation.
  8. J

    favorite heartless kh2

    The doggy one look kool to me.
  9. J

    BHK and drive forms?..

    maybe yes maybe not. nothing is confirm intil now. that is Nomura plan from the begin isn't
  10. J

    High Quality Brochures of Square Enix Party. CHECK!!!

    This is old Newya. so close it mods
  11. J

    Did Anyone Pre-Order KH2 Yet??

    Well i pre-order one and paid for it. and i maybe pre-order another one just in case.
  12. J

    I Think I Finally Got the Whole BHK connection

    Is kinda good for sure. But u never know what nomura thinking they are so clever & smart. so don't get u hope up too much :p
  13. J


    More worlds more fun. But any of this is confirm so i still a rumors
  14. J

    Chrismas season = No KH2

    Ok im really mad right now... Check out this: BLUE = No so important RED = Really Important Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Going Mulitplatform? 08.03.05 - 5:18 PM MSN-Mainichi Interactive, the internet presence of the Japanese daily newspapers Mainichi Shimbun has chatted with Square Enix...
  15. J

    Disney mag...so sad -_-'

    Heartless1990 u are so funny man. U make me cry with so many laugh right now. Pufffff!!! Well im back... So this "the GREAT features" what a waste of time and work even many child know that info right now. Hey there Internet in many home right now. Disney pay attention the next time. Just a...
  16. J

    2 discs???

    ^ Well when u end the first disc u will change to the second one. Both disc are exactly the same just the second one will continue the hostory and u can have all the junk from the previously disk and u can travel back to the same world and u will find the same thing just like that. If u play a...
  17. J

    Blue Drive Form Theory

    Hey guys don't u think the Blue Form can make Sora call the summons and make the spell more bigger and stonger or maybe mix the ability like water+thunder or fire+blizzard or something like that.
  18. J

    Sora with Darkness?

    Well i need replay KH1 again so maybe all of ur guys have a little tiny piece of true.
  19. J

    2 discs???

    Well if the game is 2.5 more long from the original+FMV+More Mini Games+More Voice Over+More Good CG High Quality+More Voice Quote In Battle Believe the entire game need 2 DVD for that... so that means KH2 is 2 DVD game. Problem resolve :p
  20. J


    Absolutly agree. But here in PR will be $53.00 or maybe $54.00