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    Mickey's Disposition in KHII

    Yeah, his role is a little like Yoda's... I'm not too sure about his attitude, though. To me it seems that he tries to pull the loner attitude (which, to be honest, I can't take seriously with that eternal smile of his) rather than that of the calm, all-knowing warrior.
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Hmm... Saix: "DIE! DIE! BEGONE!" Sora believing Goofy died And Roxas to his best friend: "No one would miss me." Makes you wonder why Axel was so desperate to have him back.:closedeyes:
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    is the organization 13 good?

    I like to think that Xemnas wanted to create a new world because he wanted to give himself a god-like position and that the "better world" idea was only to justify that and Marluxia was just an egotistical person that got overconfident.
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    is the organization 13 good?

    I think the only truly evil members were Xemnas and Marluxia. If you consider power-hungry to be evil that is.
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    Ignoring the heart?

    In KH2 after Pete and Maleficent have gone to destroy the heartless in TWTNW, Mickey says something along the lines of “They’re doing what their hearts command. We can’t interfere.” And I was wondering: Is it possible to ignore your heart? And if so, what, if anything, would happen? Unless I’m...