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  1. rac7d

    Sora from Kingdom Hearts announced as a new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I didn’t notice that on the first watch
  2. rac7d

    Wishful Thinking: Understanding Kairi and her future in the series and just overall venting

    Why does kairi need extra training when riku and sora were self taught she just needs to have her weapon at the ready when the enemy appears
  3. rac7d


    but he is 14 and she is 18 or 1014 perhaps if it was just them we could get an avatar situation but her childhood friend Terra blocks that have you seen this man
  4. rac7d

    Nomura lied hard about Roxas being the biggest secret of KH3.

    Roxas is only a big deal due to popularity, now that he has a body his story is done, he will retain his op ability to dual weild despite it making no sense with xion alive now. its for the best i just wish they did not introduce a new line for axel who was suppose to be dead back in 2
  5. rac7d

    Someone please explain to me the whole deal with Xion and Roxas being a replica

    I dont know how they came accros Xions hearts I assume it was in sora then roxas heart traveled to radiant garden and roxas beamed back to the graveyard in an instant but they needed bodies vexen made some Time travel is sucha cheat
  6. rac7d


    Aqua and Terra seem like a thing to me even in the dark their bond was powerful and neither is princess of heart You never stopped lighting my way back.’ Now they can raise their 1000 year old child Happy valentines day
  7. rac7d

    Why did Nemura make kairi look like a goblin?

    she got it so aqua would recognize her
  8. rac7d

    The treatment of women in this series

    Xheanort Kidnapped Kairi and killed her to motivate sora into doing what he wanted. For decades women have been used as tools rather then people and its sad to see this from square again after the disaster with Luna Freya "Needless violence against a woman character who is only significant as...
  9. rac7d

    Why did they take off axels clown make up in kh3

    arnt tear marks the marking of a killer in prision, he was the assassin of the organization
  10. rac7d

    I’m starting to think riku was just a advertising scam

    I would have much rather switch pov of the keyblade weilder who the battle was directed to and have sora support rather then have sora do everything.
  11. rac7d

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    but its just that world the organization were able to intervene and mess with worlds and chracters before. Xladin and Luxord are prime examples, Frozen wasnt worth the inclusion if it had to be so restricted. Moana would have been more fun.
  12. rac7d

    I’m starting to think riku was just a advertising scam

    Yeah why even give riku a mooveset if not allow him to be playable for a time they already had the dark realm as a world set so I cant see the lack of inclusion
  13. rac7d

    I liked the BH6 story right up until...

    So now its big hero 7 right?
  14. rac7d

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Wow I didnt think my heart could sink even lower. I thought it might be an overabundance of pixar but Im not in the know of upcoming Disney productions like I was a couple years
  15. rac7d

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Suddenly I feel like Frozen and Toy story were included to promote future disney project sequels
  16. rac7d

    Question about Kairi and Riku

    Sora runs into merlin and doesnt ask about kairi why would riku care.
  17. rac7d

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Does being a master even matter every master crumbled and failed to perform any task without sora to the rescue
  18. rac7d


    I felt it with rapunzel to be honest I see no reason why she couldn't have gotten some exp in training out their in some of the worlds Also is no one else seeing it in Terra and Aqua
  19. rac7d

    Kingdom Hearts 3 in a Nutshell

    I needed that laugh thanks
  20. rac7d

    Xion and Roxas' Keyblades

    Without that ability roxas becomes sora/xion its his unique edgy offensive combat that make him popular