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    Naruto sucks.

    naruto is for fucking pussies, watch a real anime instead of a wannabe ninja that looks like a friggin cat would ya. Your all a bunch of narrow minded fucks who deserve to die a gruesome death.
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    Naruto sucks.

    Naruto is for pussies. Watch a real anime other than a fucking wannabe ninja that looks like a cat would ya? You are all narrow minded losers who deserve to die.
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    I'm formally jenovasoldier.

    If any of you the fucking annoying punk jenovasoldier well it's me reincarnated as firagex. So fuck you everyone, get of you computers and learn something other than all the functions on your computer for once, you bunch of socially backward fucks.
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    Cerberus paradox cup?

    How do I get 1300 points or more on this tournament?
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    Truly Sorry.

    I would like to apologize deeply for all shit I started on this website yesterday. I was wrong to take a joke and make it into a serious issue. I apologize to everyone that I said mean and disgusting things to, you do not deserve it. Here are a few users i'm apologizing to... Iridium Apollo ∞...
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    I finally did it!!

    You know you posted the same thing as like seven other people.
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    I finally did it!!

    That'll be long tedious work, but i'll get around to it.
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    How to take the least damage from Xaldin's dragon attack.

    I don't know if this thread was made before, but I've come across a few people who say they get killed by Xaldin's desperation dragon attack very often. I was fighting Xaldin before making this thread and as I was fighting him I used a different strategy. There is no way to completely avoid it...
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    I finally did it!!

    Cheaters never prosper.
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    Am I the only one...

    Re: C.o.M was good but it wasn't great, the biggest thing that annoys people about the game is the battle system. That's why not many people like it.
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    Sora is a Heartless?

    No, Sora was still himself in C.O.M if he was a heartless or whatever don't you think they would have mentioned it somewhere in the game?
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    Help/Support ► I'm very depressed right now,

    Depression is just extra baggage. Just keep living and something will eventually come your way.
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    Decisive Pumpskin best keyblade against Sephiroth?

    I would say the Ultima weapon. A good combo is ideal, but it's really power that counts the most. Sephiroth has at least 9 health bars and one invisible one. Besides who needs the D.P. when you got the Ultima weapon, and combo +'s. The decisive pumpkin and any other keyblade is inferior to the...
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    Use roulette room cards, that is your best chance. I don't remember if there is that card in the GBA version, but if there is use them and you should get a blue 1 card in no time. Hope this helped.
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    I finally did it!!

    snitch. Snitches get stitches and thrown in ditches.
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    What Heaven Might Be.

    My friend and I were playing around on the computers at school, and he was looking up different chemicals in the brain and he stumbled upon this interesting article. There is a chemical in the brain that when it's bond is broken, creates a feeling of delight and pleasure. This chemical isn't...
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    I finally did it!!

    lol, what?
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    I finally did it!!

    Hmm, I was at level 48, I just didn't play that often, but i'm so glad I beat him.
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    I don't know, but Riku was always mysterious up until the time he revealed himself in TWTNW.