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  1. Lolita

    Second Chance / Once More / Damage Phyon

    Hihi, I just kinda wanted to ask the board since I'm sure some might be familiar with this, how do you get these three abilities? I've researched, but me and my friend are confused on whether we're supposed to make or use in the melding process the corresponding Type commands. We really need it...
  2. Lolita

    Platform for Birth by Sleep Volume 2?

    Re: Which console/handheld will Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Volume 2 be available to? This better be for the psp. I already have to buy the 3DS for KH3D. : / Make it for the psp so people who have economic issues don't have to go ahead and buy the console just for the game, and for everyone...
  3. Lolita

    Help/Support ► I hate her, but I still care.

    I also give my respects to you for holding back. Most people would lost control and let their emotions take control of them at the moment, but you held back for your relationship. :3 (oh and to not go to jail or something). But, I also think you should find someone else to be with. It'll be...
  4. Lolita

    Help/Support ► it's so hot

    Ehehehe. Oh, honey, over here in Florida during the summer we reach the 90's. But it must be hard, too, since England isn't really a warm area like Florida usually is. Coldest we get is around the late 10's-early 20's.
  5. Lolita

    Hard drive & Mac Laptop

    Okay, so, I''m really sorry if I sound pretty stupid regarding this post. ^^; I'm experienced on working on computers, but very little on about computers in general and all that. So, my mom asked me a while ago if currently I have any plans for something I want for Christmas and my birthday...
  6. Lolita

    Help/Support ► Being shy sucks...

    I'm in a pretty similar position, actually. I haven't seen a doctor/therapist because my parents don't know how bad it is, and I don't plan to tell them, because my mom would just get mad at me. But, i've developed a serious inferiority complex to a really bad point that I would rather not say...
  7. Lolita

    Help/Support ► Stage Fright

    Oh god, i'm the exact same. I can't present something without crying or being too quiet. I haven't been able to do anything that works wonders, since I have the lowest self esteem on earth, but I guess look straight ahead, somewhere where there isn't anyone and just focus on that spot or...
  8. Lolita


    been in a big rut and tried colors and flow. ahahaha. looks like blueberries and raspberries exploded on it. ;u; comments critique and help are welcomed please~
  9. Lolita

    Help/Support ► what the fuck

    If you're worried, or even if not, go to the doctor, and also make sure if your friend has it too. if he does, go to the doctor as soon as you can and see on what to help you cure yourself incase you have it. I hope your friend's girlfriend gets better. :C
  10. Lolita

    Help/Support ► I don't wanna wait~

    Re: I don't want to cutting yourself never solves your problems, it makes them worse, you should never do that. but you should try your best to be strong and move on, and you can have friends support you on the way to that.
  11. Lolita

    Where are you now?

    I'm on Day 72 currently, having alot of fun C: though Xion so far as a battle partner really sucked.
  12. Lolita

    Eternal Hope

    Okay so uh. I've been in a rut lately, honestly. :C ANYWAYS. Recently i've been getting back into my Aerith love, and i've done a couple signatures of her before, but they're all months and months old. So I wanted to see what I could make while in this rut and see how i'd do. Poo. Yay all...
  13. Lolita

    How Many of You have it?

    Got it yesterday, starting it right now. Exciteddd~ I looked forward to the game the whole day at school yesterday.
  14. Lolita

    Challenge to Ta-chan! (Voting)

    Lolita: Ta-chan: Best of luck! C:
  15. Lolita

    Challenge to Ta-chan!

    YEAH. Challenge to Ta-chan~ Rules: No premades Theme: Freestyle Requirements: None, everything is up to you~ Due in 7 Days, or face erasure~
  16. Lolita

    Aqua possibly evil?

    well, Square Enix likes to make twists to the plot in Kingdom Hearts to get people surprised to see their theories weren't true, so you never know, and we don't know that much about Aqua. But like Araliya said, he could've been sarcastic. I don't think Aqua is evil, since she cares about Ven and...
  17. Lolita

    Twilight Town in BBS

    i'd really like to see the mansion in BBS, so we could know more about the mystery of it. for the rest of twilight town, maybe, but i dont think so too much. to me just doesn't seem too suiting for BBS, but who knows.
  18. Lolita

    Was this game better for PS2?

    I like it on the PS2 more. Better graphics, more easier to control, since it's on the ps2, imo, and it's better to see it on your tv rather than ona small screen on a handheld.
  19. Lolita

    Help/Support ► Making Them Laugh. (How to do It?)

    ahahaha, lmao. xD I would've liked to see that, it'd be something that you'd least expect to happen. Anyways. I find it hard for people to make me laugh, unless they're actually funny, because most people that I know really aren't. My friends get annoyed at me sometimes if I don't like their...
  20. Lolita

    Tron in BBS

    Yeah, I think it's possible. I don't think the world was too bad, I actually liked it to an extent. It could be nice to see Tron in BBS and all.