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  1. Apollo

    Help/Support ► Email notifications

    You gotta want it badly...
  2. Apollo

    Help/Support ► Email notifications

    You gotta want the emails. Do you want them?
  3. Apollo

    Celebrities who like Kingdom Hearts

    I believe Kobe Bryant once claimed to be a keyblade master
  4. Apollo


    so ive been readin around and people are sayin kony isnt a problem. but what you guys fail to realize kony is black which automatically makes him a problem. so? im gonna need you guys(mods) to remove any posts that say he isn't.
  5. Apollo

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Re: Kh & the xbox Yeah... because the Kingdom Hearts fan base isn't full of morons at all.
  6. Apollo

    give mee summmmmmm

    witty sports jokes
  7. Apollo

    Who has the best password?

    It's time to see who has the best password on KHI. Post your password and let's see who has the coolest one out there
  8. Apollo

    Traverse Town Partner Speculation

    I think they will be brand new original characters. I would kind of hate having Max in my party. :/
  9. Apollo

    Help/Support ► Paranormal Help That I'm Not Experiencing.

    That sucks, I would keep looking though. You could also do some research on your own. There are tons of websites and books on this kind of stuff. Check a few out and see if you can figure out what kind of specialist you might need. You might even find some possible solutions you could do on your...
  10. Apollo

    Help/Support ► Paranormal Help That I'm Not Experiencing.

    If you really believe in it then you have to do something. See if you can find a "specialist" on this kind of stuff and see what they say.
  11. Apollo

    Help/Support ► Paranormal Help That I'm Not Experiencing.

    Get a Ouija board and see if you can speak to anything.
  12. Apollo

    Does anyone remember the pre kh2 days ?

    Oh god. Most of my pre KH2 days were spent watching the secret endings and writting intense theories.
  13. Apollo

    A quick fourm survey!

    how do you handle using the f-word in posts
  14. Apollo

    weed and beer are awesome

    fuck yeah they make you feel fucking great and just improve a partayyyyy
  15. Apollo

    Help/Support ► F-cking Injustice

    Real Life Superheroes.org » Ultimate resources site about the Real Life Superheroes culture We have one in our town
  16. Apollo

    Quick Questioin

    I am a little late to the BBS party and I just bought it yesterday. The Kingdom Hearts series as a whole just lost my intrest but I decided to give it another chance. Anyways I am at the point where you choose which character to play as. And I was wondering does the story make more sense if I go...
  17. Apollo

    When you first saw KH?

    My friend was super addicted to KH1 so he showed it to me. He was on Hollow Bastion and I feel in love right away after seeing how beautiful the world looked.
  18. Apollo


    i love weed!! even though it makes me cough
  19. Apollo

    Birth By Sleep Hype Compared to KHII's

    I was so fucking excited for KH2! And that was a let down lemme tell yah. At this point I'm not as big of a fan of Kingdom Hearts so I'm not as excited for BBS.
  20. Apollo

    FUCK Gamestop!!!!

    I have no need to preorder shit here, so I'm going to Wal-mart.