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    Axel in Final Mix secret video?

    i think th F.S looks like Kairi especially when she looks up to see the soldier like in everybodies avaars and the image above
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    Real heartless.

    well the emblem heartless arnet neccessarily fake but they werent made naturally but rather in a controled enviorment they put the things together necessary to make a heartless but i guess like when jewelry is made this way peple will argue tht its fake but all the hearless that decend from...
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    about limit form

    im not sure and i was also wondering if you 'merge' with anyone i guess Jiminey would make the most since
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    Re:CoM NEw Opening

    Re: CoM NEw Opening the latest screen confirms that Nomura said it will be a competely differant opening than the original GBA version
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    OMG! A Zexion Theory!

    Yea but their weapon plates did immieately change from bue to red on their own no one did it they were like connected to the person somehow but you may be right about Xemnas destroying the figures but the plates did change on their own
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    OMG! A Zexion Theory!

    well as much as i would like him to be alive. i really do think he is dead. today i just noticed that in the proof of existance if you look at his "plate" where jis weapon is supposed to be in the top left corner there is a little peice of it left and it is the maroon color of the other dead...
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    Re:CoM NEw Opening

    Re: CoM NEw Opening thnks for the feedback and yea i need to work on periods lol i also forgot to include a part of Namine drawing sora arriving at castle Oblivion like in the original
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    Re:CoM NEw Opening

    Re:CoM NEw Opening well since now we know that there will be a diffeant opening from the GBA version what do you think it will be? ____________________________________________ this is my idea: The screen will be black Micky:remember sora there will always be a door to light and then we hear...
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    Billy Zane

    i actually liked xemnas's voice i thought it was unique and good for his character cause it had no emotion billy zane should be back for Xehanorts heartless's voice and the guy they hade in kh2 should be normal human xehanort p.s yea Aiereths voice sucked
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    Billy Zane

    yea i agree i was thinking the same thing when i first played kh2 billy zane was a much much better voice
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    Yet another Zexion Theory

    well then why do they have information on them and there deaths and personality in the journal
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    Yet another Zexion Theory

    one thing i never got was how sora donald goofey and jiminey able to suddenly remember castle oblivion and the people they fought there i thought those memories dissapeared its never explained how they came back
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    Soras Voice

    yea i guess they'll be able to pull it off i was just wondering
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    Soras Voice

    i havnt been here for a while since kh:2 and im really excited about this new Re:CoM and i hope it comes to Us but im just wondering since they're making it all again in 3-D with 3-D scenses how are they going to have Soras voice if Osment has gone through puberty? I hope they figure something out
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    is my game messed up?

    there is nothing wrong u dont have to do certain things to finish the game i beat the game before i finished tron(i didnt get y he was dancing in the end credits lol) i also didnt finish pridelands in fact you can skip that entire world if u wanted to also the reason it skips that part with...
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    i didnt get goosebumps but i liked how they mixed in another side another story deep dive
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    Best voices

    I think Ansem(Xehanorts heartless) in kh1 was real good also axel riku diz and KAiri(KH2)
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    drawing in mansion

    i was wonderin if anyone was able to see or figure out what the third drawing was in the mansion library(the one that roxas drew to open the secret way to the com room) i know the first 2 are the heartless and nobody symbol but whats the third maybe the warriors of light or somthin like that?