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    Easy Way to Defeat Xaldin

    Cool, i didnt find xaldin to be that hard to beat the first time, but thisl help because im just trying proud. thanks umm, good for you, but what does that have to do with the walkthrugh? unessisary information.
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    secret ending

    thats not a fact, thats an assumption. i see no proof stating that thare has to be a keychain for every keyblade, also no way seeing the conclusion its out of the depth of feild is out of the question
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    secret ending

    have you ever modeled anything? or even seen prerendered video before, they polish every thing to look the best for the veiwer, and since this was a videogame they had a deadline. so they didnt add the keychains. [Edit]plus, you dont take into account that your sopposed to get the video after...
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    Free Day of defeat: source weekend.

    well, a few days ago valve announced they would be givin everyone a chance to try out thare latest fps, Day of defeat: Source. Day of Defeat: Source is now avalaible for a free trial on Steam. So if you don't have DoD:S, you can try it out from today until 11:59 PM Sunday. if your unfamilliar...
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    Fanfiction ► A Short and pointless Story

    well, taleast you ddint try and have me Be evil, this time.
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    Fanfiction ► A Short Fanfic (Or is it)

    O_O... i never realized how evil i was.
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    happy birthday Kairi_angel

    Well, todays mah younger sisters Bday, and we all need to have some sort of celebration. to everyone, even if you dont know K_A, CELEBRATE OR PHAIL AT LIFE. XD [insert picturs here when they are done.] Im gonna draw some stuffs for this. so itl be up later. everyone else give thanks for teh...
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    Kingdom Hearts II OST Cover Pic?

    ok, you got a bigger pic?
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    A crazy theory "spoliers"

    Thare is a spoiler forum you know. your sopposed to post it in thare. *has a mod move this to the right place*
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    Crossfire part one

    this rp takes place after the inuyasha Saga is over, and focuses on a war betwene the humans and deamons,witch spawned because of tension betwene the cross of humans and deamons in modern day times. also the rebellion it sparks. more improtantly, this chapter will focus on the clumsy millitary...
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    where can u import kh2

    i personally wouldent know, or dont know if you need to get a mod chip for your ps2, but i would check ebay.
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    diffrence in the full ending and the Real full ending

    this would probobly be better for the spoilers forum. considering the answer you may get will have spoilers. i myself havent watched bolth of them, but i saw the full ending. so not sure whatll be new.
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    What Would You All Like To See?

    like ive posted in your other topics. spoilers have thare own subforum now. itd be appreciated if you didnt post that manny out here. and yes. that footage does look preety cool
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    Timless River Scene **Short But Good** *Slight Spoiler*

    galoop thare is a spoiler sub forum already. t'is agianst the rules to post spoilers out here, i think.
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    OMG! Lion King GAMEPLAY!! **SPOILERS**

    i like it. the only problem is that in the lionking move thae was alot more fire and think it was raining. (off topic) For gods sake, people. use punctuation. edit also thare is a spoiler subforum this should be in.
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    Leo needs fangirls. (artwork inside)

    well i need fangirls, and im sure forum insanitys up to the task of helping me! i also will be doing teh art, for no reason. so lets start this off.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 FULL ending -edit- nevermind, didnt notice this was the spoiler forum, my bad.-
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    jack thompson strikes back, leagal threat agianst penny arcade.

    hey guys, sorry if i accidentaly put this in the wrong place, if i do have a Mod move this to the correct forum. anyways, recently jack thompson has been acting up in the media again. and since the recent story hasent been brought up on the forums, id thought id send it around here. (my...
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    Okay,. now im pissed with this post-count buisness.

    alright, what the hell. about 7 months ago, i had left the forums for awhile, then came back, and my postcount went from 3678 to 1578, and i complained, it didnt get fixed, and started working my post count up agian. so ive been posting alot ever since, and now, this, my post count got dropped...
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    yet another stupid move by rockstar, the "bully" game.

    yes. what the F**k is wrong with them, i understand a gta game, whare its just to give people the freedom to do things they want without concequensces, but these things have thare limit. hence the "bully" game. a sim like grand theft auto witch gives you the role of the bully to fight your way...