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    BHK is......

    you're basically insulting square enix for not being creative, why would they use vann?
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    i just noticed something

    once you learn a drive you don't need the member to do it in your party.
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    Kh2 Theme Song Confirmed!!!!!!

    okay well i apologize if this is old news. i can't tell because i've been on vacation for the past week, but as soon as i came back i found out that... kingdom hearts 2 theme song confirmed! utada hikaru - passion Kingdom Hearts vocalist returns for sequel Bilingual Japanese singer...
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    come on boys. grow some balls. don't make the girl be the bigger man. step up! comply within the hour or i will have to be the leader.. hehe.
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    hip hip hooray! except, MY BROTHER'S DAD'S UNCLE would be MY DAD'S UNCLE. but by the way... my ex-best-friend's-(ex-because she stole my...
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    wait!is there two seperate doors?

    the door to kingdom hearts IS the door to the darkness. period. are we done now?
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    another theory

    your very wrong theory is very wrong in very many ways. i'm not even going to mention the skin color / hair color / completely different looks... between kairi and ansem, kairi and riku, and ansem and riku. but its proven riku knows his own parents, "we may never see our parents again."...
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    i know what you mean. axel did seem closer to namine than the other members. i think they're planning something on their own. i still think axel is a good guy.
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    i think mickey and riku split up.
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    blonde resemblense

    i must ask you, wtf?
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    BHK and The Dual Wielding Unknown

    did i just read BHK IS GOING TO BE A PLAYABLE CHARACTER!!?!?!?!?
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    PROVED: H.Bast., TwilightT and D.Isles = same world

    hey, endyminion, thats a cool picture. this thread is crap. twilight town and destiny islands are not connected. and hollow bastion isn't connected to either of them. if hollow bastion was twilight town.. and twilight town was destiny islands... then when sora was in hollow bastion how come...
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    when the f*** is KH2 coming out

    december 13th. in PSM it said square was looking at december. we think it will mostly be the 13th of december because: its before christmas. it has relevance with the "13th order" its a tuesday, the national electronics release date.
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    Glitch in the tape?

    i couldn't have said it better, LIGHTOFTHEDARK.
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    Theme Song

    No. Another Side is the -opening- song of KH2. We are not sure of the theme song. I think that Simple And Clean will still be the theme song. Hence, it is in the KH2 trailers. Another side will play when you have the option to start/load a game. It's a piano solo. Dearly Beloved was the...
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    How is Kairi linked to Deep Dive?

    this thread is a NOOB thread. usually i'm not a flamer but good god man. what are you puffing?
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    BHK & Sora's clothes

    BHKs clothes = symbolism between darkness and light. this represents the "twilight." Sora's clothes = new clothes, capable of fusing.
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    release date theory. (by LEMON)

    lol well feel alone no more. i get PSM.
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    release date theory. (by LEMON)

    hey KINGDOM HEARTS i didn't notice that. how cool. it sounds like square is going for special dates.