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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far Awesome I can't wait to play this game. I'll get it in Japanese I think haha booya
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    Halo 3 trailer!

    have you seen this thing! If you go to google and type in google video halo 3 trailer, u should get the right one, where it starts out with two boys talking ain a field(not sure what it has to do with halo...) but it's really good. The graphics made me cream my jeans, and I couldn't help...
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    Who plays GUITAR!

    Who plays guitar and what do you play?
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    Gears of War

    I freakin love this game! This is one of my favorite first/third person shooters! I beat it on insane(which wasn't too easy) but this game was so much fun. If you have anything related to this give some info. The cog tags are a pain to find, but if you get them off of the internet, they're not...
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    Nacho Libre!

    Have you seen Nacho Libre yet? If you haven't you need to! This movie is one of my all time favorite stupid funny movies. Jack Black is hilarious. Tell me what you thought of it!
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    That wasn't Ansem?...THAT FREAKIN SUCKS

    It was his heartless, not ansem's, but that guy who i can't spell his name, Zehanort???? I can't spell.......
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    Who is hotter....Namine or Kairi?

    I know they are alomst exactly the same, but which is hotter? I think kairi(if you haven't seen my other thread on this), but what do you think? :)
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    I must see pictures of this human kairi!!!!!
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    Guys who like video game gals aren't noobs, we are just hopeless when it comes to the ladies(not really), and I definetly like your sig.....*giggidy, giggidy*, but Kairi has a big shoe size, but she is definetly a lot hotter in the second one. And I'm very happy on the progress of this thread...
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    She's a babe in KH2! She can share a paupu fruit with me anytime, hehe!!!!!!! Older, wiser, hotter, and full of curves:)
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    Paintballers UNITE!

    Who all plays paintball? What kind of gun do you have and where do you play? I have a spyder pilot acs automatic, and I have a halo hopper, what do you guys have?
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    If you could have any FF gal, which one?

    What FF girl would you have, if they were real in the first place?:)
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    Who is the hottest anime character?

    I thinkt he hottest anime character would be Anko off of Naruto. She's a babe, especially when she liked Naruto's face :)
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    Can anyone send me some money? haha

    I'm dirt poor in the rpg, I needs money, not trying to be a menace, just seeing if anyone will help.My rpg name is OWA14 so if you got some to spare, that would be great. ROCK ON!:D
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    Which were better the heartless or the nobodies?

    I thought the heartless were still the best, i like the new nobodies though. I was hoping they would give us another enemy in the next kingdom hearts. I wonder what enemy they will make for KH3?:D
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    Fav manga

    What's your favorite manga, mine's Naruto, what's yours?
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    Favorite Final Fantasy Character, and why?

    What is your favorite final fantasy character out of the whole series and why? Give me some good reasons, lol. Well, what's your favorite.:)
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    What's your favorite thread on this site?

    What si your favorite thread on this site? State the name of the thread and the name of the person who made it.
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    Rate the name of the person above you!

    Rate the name of the person above you. 1/5 to 5/5 :D
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    Which Sephiroth was harder, the one in KH or KH2?

    I believe the Sephiroth in KH2 was harder. I'm not sure. On standard I beat him at lvl 65, but on proud I beat him at lvl 80. I beat Kh sephiroth at lvl 50. Which one's harder?