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  1. K

    what would u call the BHK

    call him XMAN
  2. K

    What was the 4th option on the menu?

    u probebly use that one to fuse wid other characters
  3. K

    what would u call the BHK

    how bout moron
  4. K

    this i wierd

    i have equiped my heart unlocker and wen i fight peps i can only use my fists wawts the problem
  5. K

    Sora's age

    hes 15 duh
  6. K

    what would u call the BHK

    no matter wat im still gonna call him BHK
  7. K

    what would u call the BHK

    how bout tikora
  8. K

    keblade master tournament

    yea and hopfully u can win keyblades u can only use un the fightin areana
  9. K

    what would u call the BHK

    numora is another name i would call him
  10. K

    what would u call the BHK

    IRIAK lol that sounds afganistany
  11. K

    Do you think Squall could take Ansem?

    leon would have his hands full against ansem but if it was him and cloud they would woop ass
  12. K

    What You Think Of Sephiroth!!!

    i think Sephiroth was the most challenging person in the game and hope i vs him again in kh2
  13. K

    what would u call the BHK

    hmm just thought of a new name -corudas
  14. K

    dream sword

    theres no other 3 secret keyblades
  15. K

    E3 Trailer High Res.

    kool e3 movie
  16. K

    Square isn't talking...

    they work for me
  17. K

    3 secret keyblades!

    lol i saw one new keyblade on this forum her got it with a game shark it was a really small kingdom key
  18. K

    E3 05!!!

    wheres the new trailer?
  19. K

    what would u call the BHK

    i would call him 1)Kaiodo-just popped up
  20. K

    Funniest line in Kh

    probley one of goffys lines at the start of the games i cant remember though