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    why doesnt he.........

    WOW, What a lame thread.
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    Pictures in wizard's house?

    If you go into the wardroab in the wizard's castle there are covered pictures that say: "a picture of ultimate power flows into your mind." Do those have any meaning? If you were to collect every weapon, spell, level 100, and get anti-form 50 times would anything happen??? Or is it just cool...
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    Secret ending???

    Is there another secret ending to Kingdom Hearts 2? If so how do you unlock it???
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    Sora's Heartless

    So to get a Nobody, you have to become a heartless. When a Nobody is created so is a Heartless....So, logically, we can assume that both Sora and Kairi have Heartlesses now....
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    monster sora Driveform

    So I used Valor, but instead, everyone disappeared. Sora got on all fours, and turned black. He had endless combo string and kicked butt. what da hey happened? How can I do it again?
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    wut leon sed at hollow bastion

    maybe because Leon is a kick butt character and deserves to play a big role in Kingdom Hearts 2.
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    When KH2 comes out what will you do?

    I'm gonna play it so much that I suck 7 years out of my life. Then hit my self so hard I forget everything and have to play the game from KH1 to KH2. By then KH 3 will be out.
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    Newly animated KH2 "Get Ready" buttons (takes up less sig space)

    woooow, yeah thats really amazing.... go to some retarted websight just to watch something flash....thats pretty sad.
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    Scrooge McDuck Confirmed: True or Lie?

    Bettermanlia, your a freak. No one cares. Nobody likes you. Just stop talking go home, go play your game and shut up. Freak
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    Scrooge McDuck Confirmed: True or Lie?

    Hey stupid, CONFIRMED means that it is true. Dumb fart.
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    tomorrows release

    I think you can all join me in saying "congrats you lucky Japs." Don`t get me wrong I love you guys but you get to live through the greatest RPG ever made 3 months before the American Idiots do.Dang the intro to KH 2 is awsome. Off course it starts off in the same situation as the first one...
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    Body, Heart and Soul

    Dude, you put a ton of thought into this. But you said that a shell doesn't have basic feelings right. So you are contridicting yourself. I'm sorry but how could Axle be a shell if he can react to being threatend and stuff. Don't get me wrong i love theories because they help out a lot...
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    who is the narrator???

    Oh! My bad...Yeah its the keyblade/light. Because what else would teach sora to fight? And because he is in the realm with the princess as stained glass. Just a hunch.
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    who is the narrator???

    It was Ansem stupid. DUH! Its pretty obviose since they have the same voice.... Or am we talking about different narrators?
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    Wouldn't it be awsome if you had a G-bike level from FF 7. When cloud was on the motorcycle gaurding the 3 wheeled truck from the other bikes. Only sora protecting goofy, donald, and King Mickey or Riku. Hey only 4 more months!
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    What are we waiting for......?

    It will kick butt. Thats all i can tell. Why else would they make us freaken wait 4 years for it to come out. Think of it, how old were you when you bought the first one? I was 13. I've only waited 3 years but still......
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    new things in KH2

    i think that the drive was a good idea. It was pretty lame doing the same combos everytime. Its kooler now because by killing enimies you get more than exp. I love it .
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    Kh ending

    Just go to the downloads section of this sight and click download the tragic ending for KH1. No DUH!
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    Root for me

    You sure have a ton of time on your hands. No offense but i don't think you'll make it... with college and all lol.
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    Kingdom hearts logic too hard for children?

    It does get pretty confusing because nerds like us over analyze things. I just hope this game lives up to what we expect. I mean 4 or 5 years of making and waiting for it it better be worth it