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    Unofficial translation from Japanese in progress!!!!

    Since AE is going to screw everyone over by not releasing the game in English I support this effort :thumbup:
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    Martian Successor Nadesico

    Has anyone here ever seen this anime? My teacher lent me the complete series (yes, my teacher is awesome) and I liked it so much I watched the whole thing in a day. I highly recommend this anime to anyone who's looking for something new.
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    PS3 GH3 DLC Petition

    Its not just about the DLC, the PS3 users are getting shafted left and right. First the online barley works, the guitar is worse than the 360's, and the 360 is getting exclusive DLC. We, the PS3 users, paid the same price for the game and we should be treated with the same experience. Sign if...
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    ok I know this is a stupid question and feal free to flame me but in the beging of the first kingdom hearts leon said that heartless are those without hearts right? if thats true why is it that every time I kill one a heart pops out of the body and when I kill a nobodie nothing comes out? :confused:
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    its just a coincidence. dont think to much of it.
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    yo moma

    how many of you guys has seen the show on tv?
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    Fanfiction ► Organization Story (Musical)

    I think you fic is preaty good I just dont like the music parts 7/10
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    Fanfiction ► Keyblade Wars: Epilogue

    I liked it keep up the good work 8/10
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    The actual card game

    I dout this will come out in america Japan get everything :mad:
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    Do Riku's and Mickey's controls suck or what

    Riku's controlls sucks but mickey's was ok
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    A Bit Harsh, No?

    the only memebers (in my opinion) the needed to be "taken care of" were Xemnas, Xaldin, and Saix. all of the other members didnt need to die and Im not even sure xaldin needed to die. I only say that becuase he messed with beast's world
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    the only reason I got the guide was to complete my khs collection. and I didnt find it the usefull either
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    it looks like a rock :D
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    Complete List of King Mickey Boss Battles

    well this is how it works when you die once dureing a boss fight when you can use mickey theres a 100% chance that youll get him after that 80% then 64% and after that and beyond theres a 50% chance of you getting micky each time you die and the reason you couldnt get micky once was becuse when...
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    The missing cutscene!

    ^^ yeah I wanted to go back inside the castle.....oo well and if you look back at the early trailers youll noticed there are are few deleted/edited scenes
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    please help (if u have a heart!)

    use the summons stich and peter pan then use there limits thats how I got my high score. I dubled 5000
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    How do I beat Sephorith?

    I just beat him today and to much of my suprised he was easy.......but then agin I was at level 90 and had the ultima wepon.
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    In the Begining...

    yeah were probly find out in kh2. unfortanitly we have to wait 4 more years for the game to come out >_<
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    Should there have been rewards for paradox?

    yeah that sucked big time for me. mayby if they realese a kh2 final mix version there give us something for beating them like a keyblade or (hopefully) a new drive form
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    more COM Manga scans FTW!

    I knew there was a CoM manga but I never seen any pics. nice find