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    comparision between neverland and POTC

    Re: comparision between neverland and pirates of the carrib yah ure right... i hope u can fly!!! haha
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    p.o.t.c should'nt be in kh2

    but they dont really have the whole entire movie into the game... anyways, if im not mistaken disney is pg so i dont think they would say something like sh*T in kh2... *plz excuse my french*
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    Translations, Translations...

    i dont speak spanish... LOL sry, wrong person to ask...
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    comparision between neverland and POTC

    in the kh, neverland is located around water b/c the ship is where most the playing is held. im assuming that pirates of teh carribean is something like neverland b/c the location (ship/ocean) and in neverland, peter pan is trying to find wendy. in P.O.T.C. jack is trying to find that grl! *cant...
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    KH2 release period.

    lemme get this straight, kh2 is coming wen now? i didnt get any of that. sry, can someone explain that to me one more time?
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    Gummi Ship boss fights?

    im trying to figure this out 4 a long time now... who is the not heartless gummie ship? in other words, who is sora in dat pic?
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    Is it just me........................?

    havent we all figured out that kairi is from hollow bastion? guess not... o_0
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    Air Spell and a New Dodge Move

    u remember the monkey heartless in kh? the way they slide might be the way sora is doing in the "dodge roll" pic...
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    The first thing I said was......

    i get your whole problem and all, but wanna lighten up?
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    Kairi's new look

    yah selphie is kinda uh... well... funky... yah but i agree, kairi looks more mature... she looked literally like a 5 yrs old in kh!
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    wtuz E3 and wut does it have to do w/ ...

    help me out here ppl!!!!! i have an idea of wut if might be... but itz not ... i dont think...
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    wtuz E3 and wut does it have to do w/ ...

    kh2? i ve heard ppl say E3 and i woud have no idea wut they r sayin. wunna lighten the subject 4 me and those other ppl who dont kno wutz happenin here?
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    bad news

    alphbetical honey, use hooked on phonics next time...
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    Castle Oblivion in KH2

    not sure, but it cud be naminez pic but w/ better graphics and wutnot
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    new screenshots/upcoming trailer

    well, where did u get the trailer thing? i believe u, but wehre did u find dis out? cant wait 4 it! the old trailer was gettin boring!
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    The Four Worlds

    whre did u get the keybalde info on where they are from? and how they are involded? i wunna c that and then ill belive
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    The 10 Confirmed Worlds Of KH2 (u may disagree..but i have proof baby!!!)

    i believe u and stuff but deep dive is a weird place to play on... i wonder... weird.. never mind... lol...
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    Sora...holding Mickey's Keyblade??? This is CONFUSING!!!

    how sure can u tell that is mickeyz blade? isnt that juss the normal keyblade though?
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    make up your mind about the release date!

    and i thought it was comin out on the 16ht of sep... :( this is a lil bit sad 4 me... lemme get a moment here...
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    Will there be a kh2 for Psp?

    srry.... i dont think it will.... everything evey1 else sed is wut im goin 4....