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  1. J


    When people speak of destiny mode then others start to joke with Mansex mode (They get it by arranging the letters in Xemnas's name, Xemnas) I remebered; The Sex messges of disney! Take The Lion King for Example. When Simba leaves Timon and Pumbaa, he goes falls on flower petals, when the petals...
  2. J

    Give your own kh2 review

    Wow, I would say that is the best review written so far.
  3. J

    Give your own kh2 review

    Man, are you sure you didn't copy that from IGN! That is exactly what they complained about!
  4. J

    kingdom hearts 2 for Xbox

    It was an april fools joke, don't worry. Also, if you DID find real proof provide a link please.
  5. J

    Give your own kh2 review

    HE and DT....your supposed to give a little review along with the score...but whatever
  6. J

    FAQ:Bosses that Mickey can fight.

    I hate to say this, but you are REALLY wrong. Micky only comes up in CERTAIN boss fights The first time I died was against Demyx, and I did not get mickey (and the first time you die against the certain boss you get to play as him no matter what, THEN the odds get slimmer the more you die...
  7. J

    Give your own kh2 review

    is that a sigh that this is spam because you made a review thread...because that was just your review....this is a thread where all can give a review
  8. J

    Give your own kh2 review

    there is to much x mashing....they also don't have enough exploration in the game
  9. J

    Give your own kh2 review

    martin no double postin EDIT: here is my review score: 8.75 graphics:9.75 sound:8.75 difficulty:7 playability:10 replay value: 9.50 main review: first off i would like to say this is a great game. also it was docked points for sound because of the atlantica level. the game was also to...
  10. J

    Give your own kh2 review

    here you can give your own kh2 review and NO ABSOULUTLY NO SPOILERS IN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if censored in those evil spoiler boxes. you must rate on a scale of 1-10 and follow this template score: graphics: sound: difficulty: playability: replay value: main review: have fun
  11. J

    i forget...

    i am re-buying kh and i forget...which weapon do you choose to keep and what do you give up to learn scan sooner?
  12. J

    idea for a KH for PSP *WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS*

    Well this is an idea for PSP KH (though it would never happen.) I think it would show riku's ending for COM....then you would see him get hired by DiZ to get Roxas and all that...and you see him go through his struggle with darkness and taking ansem's form.you see how he was seperated from...
  13. J

    Im Back!!!!!!!!

    I have deicded to return to the forums for a little..hi guys!!!!!!:D
  14. J

    Goodbye guys

    Fellow friends, I have decided to leave the forums. I may check up every once in awhile, though. I guess this is goodbye
  15. J

    suggestion for general video games section

    You should add a sub-forum titled "Help needed" or something like that. kinda like you did in the Kh section. So people don't bump down topics about other stuff.
  16. J

    Super Mario 3 beaten in 11 minutes

    http://www.download.com/Super-Mario-Bros-3-11-Minute-Completion-video/3000-7563_4-10251159.html?tag=lst-0-1 This guy managed to mario 3 in 11 minutes!!!
  17. J

    Super Mario 64 beaten in 16 minutes!!!!!

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6493722340610946105 Watch and be amazed.
  18. J

    The Bad Thing About KH

    I love Kingdom Hearts I really do, but one thing bugs the heck out of me about it. It's the fact the beggining of the games (including COM.) THEY TAKE SO FLIPPIN LONG. It is nothing but talking for like 30 minutes and you get 5 minutes of playtime between cut scenes (in the beggining.) That...
  19. J

    will noobs still post 'em

    YES the KH2 release date has been told, but will some noobs still post release date threads posting stuff like: zomg!!! that not the r3al reles det!!1111!1 this is teh real 1!!!!!!!!!!!11111 {LINK HERE}
  20. J

    You know a game they should make

    resident elmo....cmon guys it would be sweet. little kids could learn how to add, subtract and count through fun mini games like: dodge the chain guy, kill the big cheese, and blow the zombies heads off plus more. and elmo could get a shotgun and a machine gun and cookie monster could get a...