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    kh bbs finla mix mysterious figure and KH3

    The mysterious figure from bbs has similar weapons to the mysterious figure from kh1 fm instead of red blades he has blue probably symbolizing wholeness now that first the heartless then the nobody was killed. ps. this hints that kh3 will have almost all the organization members in it if their...
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    My theory on DS

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - JUMP FESTA 2008 Trailer SUBTITLE Theres a link that shows MX and Terra talking MX said "That man Is a monster infused with darkness" at 2:34 Maybe there not talking about terra maybe there refering to ds I know past interveiws have said that there...
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    aqua's story

    Maybe there is more thn 1 aqua what if the aqua from the bbs video dies some how and creates a nobodie and a heartless that would explain the XIV member of orginization XIII and her heartless is still running around somewhere
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    xion I no this has been talkd bout ova and ova agian but what if xion is aqua they have the same hair skin tone and in the kh2 secret ending she picks up the kingdom key so in 358/2 she has it still and she fights riku with it just putting it out there
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    just a shot in the dark

    I was reading some threads cause i havnt been on in a while but i was thinking what if MX is the same xehanort from kindom hearts 2 What if the three heros terra ven n aqua manage 2 defeat him and some how transform him into a younger version with amnesia and thats were ATW found him Then all...
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    Did i hear correctly and mabye

    Sora: Y'know mabye the darkness is getting to me to. Riku: If the world is made of light and darkness, then well be the darkness Sora: Yea the other side the realm of light is safe now. If you want to see its Here YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 Ending (English) And after that they never closed the...
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    What happens

    what if i play my re:com before KH FM+
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    Terra = Xehanort

    Hear me out.... i've been resourcing some info i thought about at kingdomhearts wiki.com type in Xehanort and it will bring up a full bio witha pic It goes on to say that he was found at the end of the keyblade wars (hint hint) and his hair is similar to Terra's to
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    Guardian/ DS connection thoughts

    I was reading a earlier thread and it taking about Guardian and DS here is what i think. well what if guardiian is a the heartless to ansem as the DS is a nobodie to MX. I mean they are simaliar in protecting there master and or partner and it could explian why DS as a keyblade with a keychain...
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    Roxas and Namine

    I was thinking about the whole human heartless nobodie thing and i can up with this conclusion Roxas and namime are specical because sora's heartless form was purified and kairi never had a heartless. so mabye they were half complete
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    Why riku

    why was riku the chosin wielder first
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    Kairi and bbs

    Thanks for not flamming lol
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    I'm thinking of getting KH: COM

    if you have a ds you should buy but if u a gameboy it might be hard to see sometimes but either way BUY THE GAME
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    Kairi and bbs

    If kairi is from radient Garden (hallow bastion) then wouldn't she play a importent role in bbs. she would be like 4. So mabye when terra was watching sora and riku playing on the beach he left kairi? just a thought.
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    The eyes

    I'm not really with the Terra=MX theory and I know this has been talked about already but what are your thoughts on this
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    I was thinking of importing this game is it in english with japanese subs or japanese with japanese subs
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    orginization 13 thoughts

    we all can agree that when a person becomes a heartless they also create a nobodie. well who are orginization13's heartless. I think i know a couple of the human names like xaldin= dilan roxas=sora but what about the heartless lol. Just woundering what other people think.
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    Speculation/Theories from A Newb (Long but worth it)

    If u aculay read the whole thing he talks about the 2 other syboles on the 6th day with roxas
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    Speculation/Theories from A Newb (Long but worth it)

    If u go out and buy the KH2 guidebook you can see the third symbole it looks like a spiked circle with a x through the middle it could be the new one 4 bbs
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    BBS enemies

    everything in general..........