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    KH 4 Future Intro?

    What do you think would be a good future Intro? Of course you keep Utada Hikaru but I would feature The Weeknd. I feel both of their voices would match up well.
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    Theory: Ven Killed Sterlitzia

    I also think that Ven killed Sterlitiza...something else that kind of supports the theory in one of the reports that Luxu wrote said that he went up against virus( guessing the traitor). In scene from Days when Xigbar/Luxu was going after Xion(who take the appearance of someone different...
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    Does Square neglect KH compare to others?

    Your not alone because I watched a YouTube video yesterday by soraalam1 and he kinda of brought up some good points. KH3 would of been a way better game if the original staff had was working on it. I feel more of the attention was FF7
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    Dandelions Traitor!?!

    I think that Ventus is the tratior. No I don’t have any proof to prove it but it’s just the strange feeling about Ventus that makes him look very suspicious. It feel like he is just playing dumb. It’s also weird how that much darkness came from his heart to make Vanitas. What do you guys...
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    Organization 13 keyblades?

    I came up with a kind of theory about the new organization 13 and wanna to know what you guys think of it. So since each member of the organization has a piece of Xehanorts heart does that mean that each of them has access to wield a keyblade of their own? Being that Master Xehanort is a...
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    Ventus The Strongest Keyblade Wielder????

    Idk If someone made this thread before. But I came up with this thought that out of all the present keybladers, Ventus is the strongest keyblader wielder due to the fact that he is a former Dandelion. He should be very powerful than even Master Xehanort and Master Aqua. It’s just a thought can...