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    Bulky Vendors

    I doubt you can get another Orithalcum+ from them. YOu can however get an Orithalcum from them. To get the back after they disappear, you'll need to break the breakable items in the room with your keyblade.
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    FAQ : Drive Forms

    Quick question guys. Once you unlock Final Form for the first time you can then use it whenever desire right? Or is it like anti-form?
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    Limit break GFX Assignment Numero uno!

    Ok i'm taking some initiative and making an assignment while C4 isn't here. Alright this Assignment is to figure out who is still active. Today is wensday, so this assignment will be due next wensday. Your peice has to be to be atleast greater than 450x ? . And it also has to have one or more...
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    Musashi's Book of Five rings & Sun Tzu's Art of War.

    Anyone here ever read it? Book of five rings: One of my favorite books. The best book written by a Samurai. The book teaches alot about combat, but also normal life. "Anything is Anything,and everything is everything". Art of war: One of my other favorite books. Helpful for the warrior...
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    The last Ninjutsu design assignment.

    Ok everyone our last assignment for Ninjustu designs, for those who haven't been keeping up with the thread. Is to make a splash for the first post for our new thread. Participation is not required. Requirements Must be of splash size(Pm me if you don't know what that is) Main text...
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    It's probabally just the stores estimated time for the game. There is no reason to believe any day unless it's from Square.
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    Fanfiction ► [:::Project -- Untitled:::]

    The first chapter is awesome. The opening line was perfect. The characters are developing nicely aswell as the plot. Great job, and i can't wait for the next part. Cool plushie's as well.
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    Fanfiction ► [:::Project -- Untitled:::]

    I like it very much so far. Can't wait to reading the next chapter. Only thing is the small font i had to press my nose against the screen to see it =D. Great Job, it's really interesting so far.
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    favorite quotes from kingdom hearts

    "One who knows nothing can understand nothing."
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    Cool summons in KH2

    I would like to see Timon & Pumba, The brooms, Chip and Dale would be awesome, and any of the Buhamats.
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    Theme Song

    I hope its simple and clean. Doesnt suit the game. More like a Character or two, but not the game itself. Something Rock would be nice though.
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    (i know) theories part 3

    The middle one isnt Bhk, those are his friends, you can see Bhk's leg in the bottom right corner.
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    Guns and Gizmos for KH2?

    Vincent is going to be in KH2, and Potc and Neverland had guns didnt they? oh and what about tarzan that had guns too.
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    Let's compile a list of worlds not featured in either game.

    The Haunted Mansion. That would be funny though to see eddy murphy in a KH game lol.
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    I think Twilight is Nuetrality. Using the Essence of Light and Dark together and in harmony To become Light completely, Dark completely, or To Use them together forever. Like Riku said that he Was using Taking the middle road. and Diz asked him if he was using the Twilit road to Nightfall. and...
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    why would pirates of the carribean be in KH2 it has no affiliation to Disney or does

    Yes its a disney film, but i never thought it would be in KH2. "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire." i dont think thats rated R it think its PG they show it on the disney channel.
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    a scary thought

    The site may be changed to Kingomhearts3.net if they plan a 3rd one and if they dont people might just stay and talk about kh2, graphics, life , intel, fan fics, and all that other stuff members do.
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    how much of PotC do you think will be in KH2?

    I think that in the Pirates of the Carribean world you have to help Jack get the Black pearl back or rid his crew mates of the curse or something to do with the curse representing darkness and u having to get it out of the crew. It should be fun.
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    Well it could be both, but do you think that some little kid isnt gonna because its rated T or even M. I mean i now many a kids who play T and M. Unless there parents are like super strict there gonna play it either way.
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    the keyblades

    *claps for darknetwork* I think from now on we should ignore present keyblade theories.