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    The correct way to make the X-blade

    I was wondering why Master Xehanort said he didn't do it the right way, when he tried to make the X-blade the first time? I mean, we saw Vanitas holding the X-blade in Birth by Sleep, and it seems to me the only thing that went wrong was that him and Ventus didn't finish their union completely...
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    Ansem possessing Riku

    Before Mickey travels into the realm of sleep he and Yen Sid talk about how far Xehanort could have plan things in advance. And then they talk about how he could get into the sleeping realm. That was because he gave up his body and traveled back to just before Destiny Islands fell to darkness...
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    Is it worth it?

    Hello! With this title being just a few months away from it's English release I would like to ask your people that have been playing the Japanese version: Is it worth it? I have played all the games (yes, also the Final Mix version of KH1), so is it really worth using my money for this...
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    Why change name?

    Now that you mention it I think it's weird he didn't get any suspicions about that when he heard Ansem the Wise called his apprentice Xehanort... I mean it's not like that's an ordinary name, right???
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    Why change name?

    Why did Xehanort change his name to Ansem after killing Braig? I still can't find a reason for that and the starting scene in 3D didn't give much reason for this either. Any suggestions? Maybe it's just me that haven't paid enough attention, so I thought I would hear you guys :)
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    I started the game on Proud :)
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    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    Just got my copy of the game from my local gamestore... I will be busy playing the whole day... later guys! :D
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    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    Just pre-ordered it in the local store :D
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    KH3D Ultimania Nomura Interview! - Future KH Announcement soon!

    Does this interview contains spoilers for 3D?
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    Finishing The Game

    But I hope you remembered to unlock the red trinity in Haloween Town before you defeated Oogie Boogie... otherwise it's gone forever...
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    Levelling up question

    That's true... no matter who kills the heartless, the EXP always get shared between the trio...
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    Found the trailer

    I really don't think Terra had any influence over Ansem SoD... He just LOVES darkness like Master Xehanort did, so Ansem SoD personality is clearly like Master Xehanort's... Xemnas on the other hand could have been influenced by Terra, because he wanted to find the room of awakening so he could...
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    Found the trailer

    Yeah you might be right, but I just have a feeling that Xemnas could use a keyblade when Nomura is saying things like that in an interview, but we just don't know the details, but your guess is actually not bad :)
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    Found the trailer

    Consider this: What if the one who summoned Master Xehanort's keyblade was Xemnas? Maybe it's after Xehanort was splitted into Ansem, SoD and Xemnas. And then he may attacked Braig to turn him into a Heartless and a Nobody too and later the rest of Ansem's apprentices. Remember in an interview...
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    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix games

    Don't you have a ps2 from your own region? If you have then just use swap magic, and if your TV is black and white when you play NTSC games you can use a cable to get a colour picture...
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    The KH FM question

    Well, don't forget at the time KH2 FM was released people were VERY CURIOUS to see that secret movie, so I don't think most people thought that sucked... I know you could just see it on youtube... but still... :P
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    The KH FM question

    Re: Kh FM question 1 In KH2 FM you can get three Proof items. I have already mention the first one and besides that you also get a Proof item for defeating all the data versions of Organization XIII and you get one for defeating all 13 Mushrooms as well. When you have one proof Sora gets a...
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    The KH FM question

    Re: Kh FM question 1 You get an extra drive gauge the first time you beat him and the item "Proof of connection"... If you beat him again you just get a synthesis item...
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    Vanitas's voice

    I wonder why Vanitas's voice sounds like Sora even BEFORE Ventus connects with Sora's heart... Nomura has explained in an interview that Vanitas looks like Sora because Sora's heart connected with Ventus and if any other person connected with him Vanitas would have looked like that person...
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    I wonder why we never fight Vanitas in Terra's story

    No, because the two persons that forge the keyblade needs to have equal powers... and none of the princesses would stand a chance against Vanitas, that's for sure!