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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer Damn, awesome find, but makes it even harder to wait for though,This game is going to kick ass
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    Crossroads: Questions

    I see what you mean though XYnot because in a sence he could be twilight because mickeys lights but he holds a keyblade from darkness but I just believe it is a extension of twilight, thats and idea maybe the master of it was battling the darkess and lost but it remained for someone else who...
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    Crossroads: Questions

    kiaris keyblade I think represent light since her being a princess of heart, but I think mickey doesnt represent twilight becomes he is good but just because he has the dark relm keyblade dosent mean its twilight, that could be more like roxas since he was in the organazation and there made up...
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    Crossroads: Questions

    from some of what I read hear is my understanding, first twight is inbetween darkness and light , the organization are those suned by darkness and light. secondly the keyblade mickey wields is the one he did get from the relm of darkness when he and riku where there.next is dawn and your free to...
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    Your rating to Kingdom Hearts II

    10 out of 10 the only things is I wish it was a little harder but it still was perfect heck I already beaten it a million times and I still cant get enough I was playing just before I longed on
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    KH2FM+ Instructional Booklet

    Dogenzaka, you just made my day, awesome stuff, yeah i thought there would be a little more too though for COM, but amazing none the less
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    finally i got some clarifacation, so it will have enlish cut scenes thats cool but, none for the COM I can live with that, but it will make my year if they release it in the U.S but the first final mix didnt get released here so I dont know?
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    help please

    help please can anyone tell me what exactly you need to get and do to your ps2 in oder to properly play the import games. As much as I hate to admit it I not quite sure
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    quick help please

    quick help please even though i use it alot I still probably considered a total noob at computers i wont lie, but can anyone tell me where is the best place to import a game and perhaps if they know how much it would run
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    I have an idea it sucks but it is a theory, I remeber reading where it said that the keyblade had two stories one where the wielder brought peice to the world but another were they brought ruin upon it. Maybe the knights are the other part to the story, please dont be mift if it has already be...
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    finally i found a way back on, my peice of crap computer busted and I didnt have the funds to get a new one, lucky my bro just bought one......anyway damn my heads spinning from all the info and pic i found out about from kh fm , finally god has answered my request for more kh
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    and thats the sad part
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    what! your 21....seriously take the advice from axelgal, I pissed that I let myself get drag into this with you
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    your the pile if you thought is so bad go somewhere where someone wants to here your thoughts on it because I dont
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    hell no kh is awesome I had know probablum with the fighting system, how dare you new2ya, man just kidding even though I highly highly disagree, but thats your opinnion, a crazy one
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    THose dirty mother F##kers I dont care if I getting carried away this is my plan things to do (1) burn down IGn (2) burn down Rpgamers those a##holes 4/10 terrible
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    4/10 because obiviously there were dumb a##es working there around the release of kh 1
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    yeah you cant expect everyone to share you opinnion, I just glad its not lower then a 4
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    4/5 thats real good alot better then that outrageous 4/10 looks like they smartened up,
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    Found it ! English KH2 Intro !

    yeah nice try but its like everywhere now