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    Sora's Official Height?

    i looked on wikipedia, google and everywhere else, and no one know's sora, riku, kairi or even goofy's height! you'd think they'd put their height's on some kind of web site. but i think riku is 5'11, sora's 5'8, and kairi's maybe 5'4 or 5'5.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 is now a Greatest Hit.

    hmph. as it should be. But like someone above me said, they dropped the price.
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    Is this right?!

    i don't think they have voices. the reason behind it is because numora + staff wanted the backround music to reflect roxas's feelings.
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    I finally have a theory!!

    your right, i did forget about that. but maybe somehow the door was opened before xehanort opened it, and everyone just forgot or something like that.
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    i think numora means that after past events, that made what the future will be like[sora with the keyblade].
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    I finally have a theory!!

    Ok in numora's new kh series, i think it might be a prequel to the orginal kingdom hearts series. And since in kh2 we learned that its possible to travel back in time[timeless river], i think mickey, after meeting xehanort, traveled back in time to try to stop everything. As for the old man, im...
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    Still No new secret ending

    whoa you beat that pretty fast. is it as short as kh2 was?
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    Is this right?!

    i didn't say they had voices. i said they probably do, i don't know. i don't have the game =0)
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    Is this right?!

    i seen that also. I think numora did it for dramatic effect or something... But all the other cutscenes are probably in jap.
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    Birth By Sleep

    wow that's a good theory. but i think birth by sleep means that somehow sora is a reincarnation of roxas, or something along those lines. i know it doesn't make sense, but numora enjoys confusing us, and the BHS does look like roxas. so if he got frozen in the "keyblade wars" and...oh i don't...
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    hmm i don't know if im going to like this if it comes to America.
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    Riku vs Roxas!

    wow. Riku went through all that trouble for sora...
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    My theory of why NOT KH2:FM+ will come

    SE would make all of that money back and maybe more if they send it here to america and to the europeans. Didn't kh2 sell over a million copies or something? i know that we sold more copies here than in japan. so ya never know, hopefully they will
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    have you beaten the game?

    i still haven't. i can't get past stupid marluxia!! it's been 2 years now...
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    haha i still can't beat him either! it's been about 2 years too... but i hated vexen. he didn't even attempt to put up a good fight. marluxia cuz his ass if fruity pebbles with his "flower" power. but i liked axel + larxene. sora was kind of dumb in COM. i know he was losing his memories and...
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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    defently axel, hands down. i had so much fun fighting him in kh2 with roxas. Larxene(sp?), she was also fun fighting. oh and can anyone tell me who the hell is Zexion and why everyone talk's about him so much? i don't even remember him in COM.
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    The most annoying boss.

    muluxia(can't spell) because his scythe was annoying + vexen because he didn't even freakin try.
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    KH2's Dumbest Quotes.

    this should be in the kh2 section, but "dance, water, dance! -demyx "password?...*five minutes later* oh! you mean like a code! - king mickey "hahaha im a fool"- ansem the wise[pretty funny lol] "oooh them's fightin words" -pete and anything pete or malificent said...
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    KH2FM+ outside of Japan

    Their might not send it to us here in america. but who knows? maybe they could. end of story