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  1. Marx15

    Is it just me or is Data-Sora a lot more likeable then the real Sora?

    I personally like Data!Sora more than original Sora. Data!Sora is one of the main reasons why I liked CODED. He was a new character but not at the same time. Original Sora is great in himself, but as said, he's had some issues along the way. I feel like Sora's personality is now just to keep a...
  2. Marx15

    Why Master Xehanort?

    The MX that appears in 3D is the most future form of Xehanort in that room. So him dissipating at the end, just like the rest, was him returning to his own time. The reformed version of Xemnas+Ansem is probably among the Seekers in that room. Just MX returned to his own body at a later time...
  3. Marx15

    The 13th Vessel

    That and it's apparently an extremely difficult process (to create the perfect replica, which was the main goal). Xion was known by the Org. Members to be the only working clone. All the others had problems or broke. They didn't know about Repliku, minus Axel of course, so they thought there...
  4. Marx15

    The 13th Vessel

    I brought this up before too, it was Day 322. Xigbar, Saix, and Xemnas are sitting in Where Nothing Gathers and are discussing Roxas and Xion. http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/169371-day-322-a.html I came to the conclusion that the Replica Program was conducted to create Seekers Of...
  5. Marx15

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Yeah, and Mickey's voice isn't really mysterious......so that would take it away completely.
  6. Marx15

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    This is how I feel about that, it still has mystery for me. Since I always believed it was either DiZ or Mickey. One thing I'd like to see in the Days Theater, is some new scenes too. Since in the novels, it was said that Axel and Roxas visited Hollow Bastion and let loose Maleficent's Crow...
  7. Marx15

    Dream Eaters that look fammilar...

    Well the design for Ghostabocky/Jestabocky was based off from Quina from FF9 wasn't it? So it resembling Boo from Mario is just coincidence.
  8. Marx15

    Your Wishlist for Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    I think Crumbling Island would be cool to show up. Maybe not to house a story boss fight, but just an optional fight. And someone said something of a special summon.....they should use Bahamaut.....just saying. Some cut content should appear in these remakes. Just as long as they could still...
  9. Marx15

    The premise behind the test seems to be flawed...

    You do know that Zantetsuken is a command in the game right.....? Only Riku can use it though. It's supposed to be like how Terra was the only one who could use it in BBS. And I felt like there was a good amount of commands. You just have to use the DE to acquire them for the most part.
  10. Marx15

    KH3D Novel Side Riku Cover Revealed!

    I think Komory Bat carrying Riku is much cooler and cuter than that, it was the same as Faith Line just a different name. And I just love the cover.
  11. Marx15

    Empty Worlds?

    In all actuality, it was said in-game that the worlds would awaken from the RoS once their respective Keyholes were sealed and whatnot. So going by that, Sora and Riku shouldn't really even be able to revisit the worlds after the story for said world is completed. So obviously there shouldn't be...
  12. Marx15

    Did anyone think...?

    Weird.....but why is it mom? I was only wondering cause I was starting to believe people were mispelling it or hitting the wrong keys when making their replies. I don't want this to go off topic. Anyways, the final bosses of this game were awesome. Xemnas was cool, but not challenging really...
  13. Marx15

    Did anyone think...?

    Terra was too little too late with activating his armor. MX's heart went into him then his armor activated. Ven gave his armor to Sora before the momhtmare took him. Sora did not fall to darkness. side note...... why is it spelled momhtmare?
  14. Marx15

    3DS XL released and KH3D

    odd....I don't have any problems with mine. I got a screen protector with mine, so maybe that's why I don't have any scratches, which is why I got to begin with. But there's problems with it? That's news to me.
  15. Marx15

    So how can Joshua........

    Joshua is kind of omniscient, he can do what he wants pretty much. I do too, it was heavily hinted that there would be a Shibuya. What I really want to see is some TWEWY and FF interactions actually though.
  16. Marx15

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Alrighty then, thanks Zephyr. I figured there would be a Theater Mode, just wasn't sure where it was located exactly.
  17. Marx15

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    But is it only in-game or on the main screen when selecting NEW GAME or CONTINUE?
  18. Marx15

    3DS XL released and KH3D

    The Gamestop I went to was having a "save up to $100 off" deal for an XL for trading in your old DS or 3DS. Just $50 isn't all bad, especially if you don't plan on using the old system once you acquire your new one.
  19. Marx15

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Is there a theater mode? Cause I decided I wasn't going to watch any of the mementos in-game. I've pretty much seen all the mementos already, but I planned to watch them later in theater mode once I've beaten the game. I haven't encountered any glitches whatsoever, and I am very proud of that...
  20. Marx15

    3DS XL released and KH3D

    That's how I felt a little in the beginning, but once you find the right distance and angle you should be looking at it, it just looks amazing. It really looks cool for standard gameplay as well as cutscenes. I waited for the XL to come out to play KH3D, I'm just glad I finally got it.