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  1. khtaman

    favorite game

    discuss your favorite games here
  2. khtaman

    braig is hard (spoiler)

    he sent the part and he was reflecting the shots
  3. khtaman

    braig is hard (spoiler)

    he was on terra though and he is slowr than the others maybe that is the case
  4. khtaman

    braig is hard (spoiler)

    my pen pal in japan bought birth by sleep and said braig was hard and it was on begginer he is stuck on that part and says it is so furstarating
  5. khtaman

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Another Side [O R I G I N A L]

    Re: Another Side this story is so good you are such a good writer
  6. khtaman

    a new kingdom hearts [spoilers]

    i watched the secret ending for birth by sleep and it said there is going to be a new kh with sora
  7. khtaman

    final fantasy advent children

    i just saw final fantasy advent childern (on netflix) and i think it rocked but i didn't get how kadaj (or whatever his name is) transformed into sephiroth
  8. khtaman

    This is how to beat Sephiroth KH2(Guide)

    thanks your tips helped so much
  9. khtaman

    questions i can awnser if....

    I can awnser your question if you try to awnser this well I'm trying to beat sephiorth but I can't how can I beat him?
  10. khtaman

    New Gangan Scans (Dec '09 issue) (translated)

    i never knew this stuff good job when is the eglish version going to come out also how do you make this form