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    Organization Sleights

    Yeah, I'm going to go with Doom on this one.
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    Zexion's Hair Color

    Win But to answer it I do think in the game it's a blueish gray.
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    I Can't Belive I am Doing This

    It does make since that she could be related to Kairi or Sora but out of the two I think it's more probable to be from Sora.
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    Help/Support ► Time To Drop My Friends?

    Eh the best advice I can give you is they're just messing around. My friends do it to me all the time, generally out of nowhere. But if it gets worse ask them why. If they don't say they're just messing around drop em...bitches.
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    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    I think on this one I'm going to have to go with Sora fighting Roxas and Axel dieing.
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    Fanfiction ► War of the Machines

    I'm liking it, like everyone said, chapter 1 bored me at parts but this second one kept me entertained.
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    Help/Support ► This is Bothering me

    I had glasses for two years but I only wore them when I needed to. Then at the start of this school year I got contacts and I gotta say I recomend them. =x
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    How excited where you when you got KH2

    Eh I was really excited when I got it, played the hell out of it...then realized how much worse it was compared to the first. 0_o
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    Help/Support ► Small-Talk

    I've never really had a problem with this. What I always do when walking with a girl down the hall I'll say something about a test I just had, something I did over the weekend or asking what they did. Also ask what they plan on doing over the weekend or even ask them about movies that are in the...
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    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: The Beginning

    I don't know why reading this always entertains me. ^.^ Just curious are you going to do this for Part 2? xD
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    My first shot at a theory: Master Xehanort and the Darkness Soldier

    I gotta say I'm impressed. Very well thought out. 0_0
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    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: Days In The Life

    I finally got to read this. And I must say I loved it
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    Struggle For Power

    So here is one of my many ideas I've worked on for a book. I don't personally like it but many of my friends do so I've continued working on it. Please tell me what you think, I'm completely open to criticism. Chapter 1 A small boy, around the age of nine sat in front of the television as he...
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    Anyone up for starting an RP with me?

    I've been wanting to start an RP recently. I have a few ideas but I wanted to know if anyone out there has some ideas of their own or want to help me. So PM me if you have any ideas or post em here!
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    A Gundam RP what do ya think?

    I've been thinking about starting one for a while now but I can't think of a good storyline and I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in it. Anyone interested and want to help?
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    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: The Beginning

    *Grabs popcorn* This is intense ^^
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    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: The Beginning

    You guys have no clue how much I want to highlight those boxes
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    Fanfiction ► Organization XV: The Beginning

    I'm jealous. XD I'm really hoping I get into part 2 especially if it turns out as good as this one